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    Hello! Perhaps I’m not the brightest person around, but I sitll can’t figure out what’s wrong with Lightbox and WordPress’s default Gallery creator.

    See I’ve got this post here with gallery the problem is that Lightbox gets enabled only when you click the photo, not from the start. Is there any solution to this problem? I want photos to open via lightbox right from the main page, instead of additional/annoying clicking.

    Another thing is that I still can’t set the flash multiupload to work, I’m on a Mac and using FF3, I’ve tried all methods, and still no luck, and it’s quite boring to upload photos one by one, so perhaps there’s a different solution for that? (I mean different tool for mass-upload).

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 1) The reason the lightbox isn’t working on the thumbnails page is because the “trigger code” to activate it isn’t be called. Here’s the link from one of the pictures pages:

    <a href='' title='2D' rel="lightbox[101]">

    Notice the rel=”lightbox[101]”? That’s the trigger code. If you look on your thumbnail page, that portion of code is missing. You have to hack the media.php file and add that reference in. Either that or find a plugin that adds the lightbox trigger code to the gallery thumbnails.

    2) Not sure why the flash multi-uploader is not working for you. I use a Mac with FF3 and works great. Are you sure you have Flash?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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