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  • Hi,
    I have a blog page at that I would like to run myself on my own server. I don’t need zillions of pictures, but I do seriously like the format of having 3-6 thumbnails with captions above or below my main text. The thumbnails then open to the full size image in a separate window. Text is as important for me (if not more important) as the pictures.
    Fotopages really is pretty perfect for what I like. See What I DONT really need is a calendar based ‘diary’ format. Category-based makes much more sense to me, and it looks like WP would do that better than
    But… what is the best way of having a small image gallery with every blog entry? Using WP at this stage or not?

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  • The Exhibit plugin would be ideal for doing something similar to what you want. So you would install WP, create a design for the site according to how you like, drop in the Exhibit plugin and start adding photos and copy.

    Just this morning I also found this plug-in which looks VERY nice indeed! See example:
    (Plug in download elsewhere on that site)

    Here is a sample site of Exhibit in use:
    Even though it displays the photos all in different ways, all of those posts use the Exhibit plugin. You can style the photos however you like using CSS, and the interface for adding new photos to posts is completely integrated into the WordPress post editor. There are quite a few other features, too- Thumbnails, uploads, file browsing, image rotation, watermarks, popup links…
    Check out the wiki link that lane posted (thanks, dude!) or go straight here to download:
    There’s a screenshot of the admin interface there, too.

    I finally got my fotolog. I am using exhibit plugin for WordPress. I am new to PHP, but I did able to modify exhibit and wordpress index/archive page for my needs. I assign category to each picture, but pictures are sorted using dates only. Only thing is left is to display Exif data. I could not figure out if there is a option in Exhibit for exif data.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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