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    I’ve just noticed a link for an online drugstore has appeared in my footer. I thought this may be due to a plugin i installed but after uninstalling the few new plugins i had downloaded its still there and i cant seem to figure out how to get rid of it. I’ve looked in my footer.php file which says the following:

    <?php eval(base64_decode(‘Pz4gPGhyIC8+DQoNCjxkaXYgaWQ9ImZvb3RlciIgc3R5bGU9Im92ZXJmbG93OmhpZGRlbiI+CQkNCjxwPkNvcHlyaWdodCA8P3BocCB0aGVfdGltZSgnWScpOyA/PiwgPD9waHAgYmxvZ2luZm8oJ25hbWUnKTsgPz4uPGJyIC8+DQogV29yZFByZXNzIC4gPD9waHAgaWYoaXNfaG9tZSgpKSA6ID8+PGEgaHJlZj0iaHR0cDovL2NoZWFwZHJ1Z3MyNC5jb20vIiB0aXRsZT0ib25saW5lIGRydWdzdG9yZSI+b25saW5lIGRydWdzdG9yZTwvYT48P3BocCBlbmRpZjsgPz4gPC9wPg0KPC9kaXY+CQ0KCQ0KPD9waHAgd3BfZm9vdGVyKCk7ID8+DQo8L2JvZHk+DQo8L2h0bWw+IDw/’));?>

    and i’ve also looked in my index.php and page.php files but still cant find this link to the drug website. Can anyone help me get rid of this unwanted link???

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