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  • When installed and I was configuring, I suddenly got “You have an unstable version of IE”. Really? No one else ever told me this. Also has an unnecessary graphic with Upcoming Events – and no way to remove it.

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    stbedesantafe – sorry for any trouble you are having. No other user has reported this issue – but if you provide more detail we can certainly take a look. You can send an email us directly at

    Also it appears that you have placed a number of negative reviews for other calendars and we would love the chance to make you a happy CalPress user.

    If on the other hand you are simply posting negative reviews of competitor products – not too classy.

    [Plugin: CalPress Calendar] 2-stars
    [Plugin: All-in-One Event Calendar] 1-star
    [Plugin: Calendar] 2-star
    [Plugin: Spider Calendar] 1-star

    By the way – you wouldn’t be related to blogger_ST
    who coincidentally posted negative reviews of each of these same plugins earlier this year?

    Looking forward to helping you in any way we can


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    Aspire2? Unless there’s something abusive going on please don’t tag topics with modlook. Odd (as in reviewing many calendar plugins) is not necessarily abusive. 😉

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    Jan – thanks for taking a look – we have run into this before and we were not sure exactly how to bring in up in the correct way. We take great pride in our plugin and want to ensure we provide the absolute best support to our users. Appreciate your time.

    Thanks, Don

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    *More off topic to the review commentary, sorry about that 😉 *

    It’s all good but that tag should be reserved for abuse or a post that breaks the formatting (badly nested <li> does that a lot) or someone who’s breaking the rules (spam is a great example).

    If you want to bring a topic to the attention of the moderators or others then there is always the wp-forums list.

    If your not sure and want input on “how do I handle that topic” then the list really is a good place to post to.

    *Back to our regularly scheduled plugin review topic…*

    Thanks for the reply and such a quick one. I have just started a demo website for my church (which is A calendar is very important for churches, so it is a plug-in I have been shopping for “religiously” in the past few days. I am not related nor do I know blogger_ST, but if (s)he had the same opinion as I do on various calendars, then maybe they are valid opinions.

    What I found was that your plug-in (I presume it was your plugin as this happened incidentally to activating CalPress and starting to work with it) changed an IE setting in Tools. The “Compatibility View” became checked. I got various other anomalies as well because of this item being checked. Uploaded images to WordPress would not appear in my Media Library, and websites such as Google/News would not load images. Also the menu on my demo website became vertical instead of horizontal, so trailed down over the header image and into the main body of the page.

    This was unnerving, to say the least, and I spent quite a bit of time before I found the check-marked “Compatibility View” in Tools – which cleared up all my browsing and viewing problems.

    I am currently working with Spiffy Calendar, which is the “best” one I’ve come across so far – but it has issues as well, as I have outlined on a post, which you apparently are good at finding. 🙂

    I suppose I am still in the market for the perfect (if that exists) calendar.

    Again thanks for your reply, and I hope my explanation helps.

    Plugin Author Aspire2


    stbedesantafe – thanks for the detailed note! We will look into the items you mentioned right away. Spiffy is a newer calendar plugin but does a lot of thing right. Thanks for trying Calpress and we will work to address the issues you highlighted.

    Thanks again, Don

    btw it’s easy to remove the unnecessary calendar graphic next to the <h2> headline. I found the code and commented it out in 2-minutes. Great plugin…

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