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  • Thanks to the great product and support that is WordPress, I was able to launch At birth, we were 5,000,000th on the web. In a matter of mere months, we’ve moved that decimal over to be in the top half million.

    But some people don’t want their suacy Mac commentary mixed with sassy politics, so we needed a sister site. But where to go now? What could help in this desperate situation?

    Oh yeah: WORDPRESS.

    Ladies and gents, I give you a mildly messed with Manji2 in the form of:

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  • it looks like none of your images or background are loading.
    however, when i click your ‘home’ link i go to: and everything appears.’
    i’m using WinXP w/ MSIE 6.0 here at work.

    No images here either

    Thanks for the headsup XPeeps. I’ll look into it.

    Doncha hate it when that happens? 😉

    I’m seeing the same, and the amount of imgs (when found) make the site slow loading.

    Here is another slightly modified version of Manji2.
    Cranial Cavity

    It’s not an issue with XP, because when I emptied my cache it did the same thing on my Mac. How very weird…


    I’m dealing with my hosting service on this issue. They say:

    “This is a more of a design issue. There seems to be a problem with the way your php scriot calls the images for the page. The script might use code relative to so accessing them from might have thrown things off a bit. Please consult your web master regarding issue.”

    Well, I am the webmaster and a rebel without a clue about PHP. Is this something easily fixable?

    Here’s my suspicion: I’ve asked them to redirect to They did this but elected to make this invisible, so that when you sit on AppleSaucy’s homepage you see

    Now, if I asked them to undo that, so that when you type in the initial domain name you get directed to the EXACT webpage ( this should fix the problem, right?

    IN OTHER WORDS: they can do this, can’t they?

    First, did you upload your images to as referenced in your page?

    It appears not:

    I don’t follow you. That image you refer to is there. You mean you don’t see it?

    no images whatsoever…

    Hmm although when I right click an image, then go back a page it displays, but then trying that with another image it disappears. I think you need to look at your design again, because I don’t think think it is a php issue, more a CSS issue. But that’s just me guessing.

    DO the view background image and going back gave me some of you page, it’s weird though – do yo have some sort of random image background going on?

    Ah now I see this is the case.

    You sometimes have a red and then a yellow content background and your headerimage is animated? Or just rotating? Not sure which.

    Definitely a design side issue, fails to show at all in IE. with a few X in the white boxes.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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