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  • Hi, I hope someone can help i’m sure i’m doing something stupid but i’m just a beginer so please have patience.

    Something is rewriting my php code!

    I write the following code into a nav.php file which gets called by header.php to give myself selected main navigation options at the top of the page

    <li><a>/">Home</a><?php wp_list_pages('include=29,94,2,4,41,129,126,131,133,37&title_li='); ?></li>

    When i upload this to the theme folder it works and only displays the page links i want. but if i want to add another included page, when i download nav.php to alter it something has changed the code to

    <li><a>/">Home</a><?php wp_list_pages(

    Is this because i have made a mistake in my code and if it is can anyone please spot the error and let me know.


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  • <li><a>/">Home</a> is incorrect, though it shouldn’t affect other things, try altering it to:
    <li><a href="/">Home</a>

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