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    Just giving this plugin a run-out and it would seem to work superbly, but with one huge annoyance.

    If I fill out a test entry, and send it, it works fine – no problem there.

    But then if I refresh the page, it gives the ‘error’ message

    The page that you’re looking for used information that you entered. Returning to that page might cause any action that you took to be repeated. Do you want to continue?

    …or if I come back to the page later, it gives me yet another ‘error’ by saying

    Form has not been submitted, please see the errors below.

    …and in the Recaptcha section

    Incorrect reCAPTCHA, please try again

    Obviously I know what’s going off here, but how can I get rid of this run of messages so that visitors can visit the website without assuming that the Contact Form has gone tits up?

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  • Plugin Author Jared Atchison


    Hey steveraven ,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    If you refresh the page with the confirmation message is displaying, it’s going to resubmit the form, which is what the browser tries to warn about. This is standard behaviour.

    If you’re worried about your visitors encountering this, the easiest thing to do is to create a seperate “Thank You” page, then in your form Confirmation settings, configure it so that it takes users to this page instead of showing the confirmation message.

    Hope that helps 🙂

    Thanks, adding the thank-you page works like a dream!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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