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  1. lodiko
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    My site is http://www.lodiko.com/
    I want to make something like a subpage called “Shop” on the website (http://www.lodiko.com/shop) that should be similar to amazon.com’s platform.
    Each post (product) on it will consist of a category, photo, short presentation, price, link to more detailed description somewhere in http://www.lodiko.com, as well as a link to the online shop where products can be purchased.
    The information for the new products will automatically be performed on the head page (http://www.lodiko.com/shop).
    On the left side of the screen the desired group of products can be extracted from all categories and subcategories.
    On finding the right group, the reader can sort the available information in 4 ways:
    - Alphabetical order,
    - Price, starting from the lowest one
    - Price, starting from the highest one,
    - Date of publishing, starting from the latest one.

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