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  • Hi Richie

    MesoColumn has worked really well for the last year or so, but today my website looks very different – instead of a menu bar I have a vertical list of menus, and instead of two columns I have just one. It’s like it thinks my PC is a mobile???

    Here is the site:

    Please can you advice what has gone wrong.


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  • This is getting odder.

    I put the site into and it looked OK.
    On my PC it is very wrong on both Chrome and IE, with column 1 then column 2 below it and the right area below that.

    So something has changed locally.
    Any ideas?


    Theme Author Richie KS


    seem fine to me, tested in latest chrome and ff. try hard refresh the browse. ctrl + f5

    Thanks Richie

    Done that, and I’ve rebooted too. But in two different browsers it’s awful.

    Looks now like your theme isn’t the issue but thanks for responding. I’ll try and think of what else it might be.

    Thanks for all your support.


    Can anyone help?
    I’ve been looking at the code from ie, and saw this near the top of <body…>

    <nav class=”top-nav iegradient effect-1″ id=”top-navigation”>
    <div class=”innerwrap”>
    <div id=”mobile-nav”><div class=”mobile-open”><i class=”fa fa-bars”></i></div><ul id=”mobile-menu-wrap”>

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    Does my browser think it’s on a mobile?
    I am running Windows7 on a desktop.


Theme Author Richie KS


still looking ok to me. is it cache issue? wp cache or browser setting etc

Something like that Richie

I agree – it looks OK when I view it from elsewhere, just not this PC. (And perhaps some others???)
Other websites look OK, so perhaps a combination of WP and my PC settings somehow?

Where is the bit of code that detects what browser/platform the site is being viewed from?
Maybe that will help me locate what I need to change locally.

Thanks again

Theme Author Richie KS


why is this thread html format ruin? 🙂 could mod edit the reply, might be one the reply html causing this.
what’s the browser you’re using? did you test in ff, chrome and ie and see if it all had the same error.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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