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    Hello! I haven’t changed the coding of one of my pages using the Collapse-O-Matic, but all of a sudden now there are little />’s all over the place.
    What happened here since the update to cause this? Below is an example of the code:
    <div class="birdwire">[expand title="<img src='' />" swaptitle="<img src='' />" tag="div" id="renna" trigclass="noarrow" rel="animal-highlander" findme="auto" ]</div>
    and it goes to the following code:

    <div class="collapseomatic_content" id="target-renna"><h2>One-Shots by Renna</h2>
    <a href="">Read now</a> | <a href="">Renna's Archive</a>
    <strong>Summary:</strong> Short stories by Renna.</div>

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  • Plugin Author Baden


    Actually, the code being produced is:

    <div class="collapseomatic noarrow find-me" id="renna" rel="animal-highlander" title="<img src='' data-recalc-dims=" 1" />">
    <img src='' data-recalc-dims="1"/>

    Where is the data-recalc-dims=" 1" code coming from?

    Also, when you use an img as the title element, it’s a good idea to also include the alt attribute so that the image html does not get used as the fly-over text:

    [expand title="<img src='' />" swaptitle="<img src='' />" alt="Renna" tag="div" id="renna" trigclass="noarrow" rel="animal-highlander" findme="auto" ]

    howdy, I have NO idea where that’s coming from o_o that’s not anywhere in the coding of the page itself.
    How do I get rid of it? Is that what’s causing the extra “>” ?

    I should also mention that this isn’t happening on other pages using collapsomatic ilke:

    And I tried using the “revisions” portion of WordPress to see if there was something that I changed in the coding, but it doesn’t show any changes other than me adding another collapsable element weeks ago. But it didn’t have the >’s then either.

    Okay so it seems that it’s Jetpack’s “phototon” that is affecting it. Augh, I don’t know how to stop that though. I like Jetpack’s phototon feature but not if it messes with my coding like that!

    Plugin Author Baden


    Hey, great that you figured that out! Now we know there is an issue with Jetpack’s Phototon feature. Let’s see what can be done to work around it in a new thread! This thread is now marked as resolved.

    Norman C Hoffmann


    Ahh… thank you. Photon is the culprit. I would have went absolutely nuts trying to figure this out.

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