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  • I don’t understand the problem. The option to display or hide is a dropdown, not a checkbox.

    I am having the same problem I believe. It doesn’t recognize the checkboxes at all, it just displays the menu if hide on checked is selected.

    The “Show only for Logged-out users” and the “Show only for Logged-in users” are the only checkboxes that stay active in the list of available post-types and they both stay checked regardless of any of the other boxes being checked.

    Christopher Roberts


    Sometimes I am unticking the box, clicking save and then checking back, and the box has ticked itself again!

    Also sometimes it is refusing to display on certain pages, not sure why, e.g. clicked only for logged in users and nothing else – the widget then shows on the homepage, but not any other pages.

    It has always worked fine for me, but seems to have got in a muddle recently!

    Same problem here. If I have “Show On Selected” chosen and I check the pages and save – the widget does not show up on selected pages. If I have
    “Hide On Selected” chosen the widget will show up.

    I’m using WordPress 3.5.1
    I’m using Display Widgets 1.24

    @cmonster, does this happen with all widgets, or one in particular?

    Everyone, Can you be more specific? What pages are you checking? Screenshots of your settings would be helpful.

    Here is why I am seeing – trying to be specific… oh and TIA for your help.

    I have 3 plugins. 1 I want to be on the home page the other 2 on everything but the home page.

    Plugin A – Show only on Homepage
    Pulgin B & C – Hide only homepage checked.

    When I go to the site – I only see B&C on the homepage and not A. – Actaully it does the same thing on All the pages –

    So I then thought maybe the show hide was switched and I flipped them all and told A to hide on the front page (the one I wanted it to show on) and I told B&C to show on the front page (wanted to hide)

    When I did that – they showed up the way I really wanted on the home page…. But they showed up the way the settings were and not the way I wanted on the rest of the pages.

    So my conclusion is that is for the front page button, on the front, it is doing the exact opposite of what is wanted. The rest of the pages it seems right.

    I did not go deep enough to explore other checkboxes because my only concern for this site was to show on homepage or not.

    I do have another site with no problems. So could it be a conflict with other plugins? I thought I run most plugins the same on both sites, but maybe not.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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