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    Just now, I pressed deactivate on your plugin, and it finally allowed me to do so, after trying about 15 times. I tried on other plugins and let me deactivate but not yours. Strange right? It just kept ignoring my request. It finally let me know – has anyone else complained of this? Is this a sign of an issue?

    Also, I have a conflict with an endless loop happening in the order review page. I thought it might be a problem with the Woocommerce checkout form plugin I have, but they said it has to do with your plugin – this is how I explained it to them:


    If I were a customer, and I added any product to the cart, and did NOT select that I was having a “Stag & Doe”, it will offer me 2 shipping methods: “2 Round Trips (Delivery & Pick up)” and “Free Self Pick up and Drop off” (similar to a Local Pick up).

    If I added a product and DID select that I was having a Stag & Doe, it will not offer me Delivery due to a snippet I have to force Free Self Pick up and Drop off for Stag & Doe customers

    If I select 2 Round Trips (Delivery & Pick up) it will show me a fieldname called “setup” right after Shipping Questions. This field multiplies the nunber of games in their cart by $20, and will later call this a “Set up & Teardown” fee.

    Because I selected 2 Round Trips (Delivery & Pick up), it will show me Shipping fields too.

    Once I fill in the shipping fields, it calculates the distance for us to travel and charges a per km rate

    After filling this out, it takes me to the final checkout page, where the checkout cart table is (or whatever it is called).

    Here i have the opportunity now to see the price per km with the “2 Round Trips (Delivery & Pick up)”, as well as the set up price (Set up & Teardown) and Delivery Obstacles (Park/Unload and Stairs/Elevator)

    If I decide this is too much money, I can change to FREE Self Pick up & Drop off…

    But now the page gets confused. It will cycle back and forth between Free Self Pick up & Drop off and Delivery & Pick up, endlessly, in an endless loop, and the Checkout Form plugin is claiming that there is a conflict with your plugin.

    Can you help? You can try it with this product: and when it asks for the type of event, do NOT choose Stag & Doe so that it will offer you Delivery.

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  • Plugin Author Diana Burduja


    There seems to be a conflict between the multi-step checkout plugin and the Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce plugin, which is a commercial plugin and we cannot test with it. The developers of the checkout field editor plugin can always download the multi-step checkout plugin and solve any conflict issues. The other way around it doesn’t work.

    The company that made the Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce plugin also has a freemium multi-step checkout plugin of their own. I assume they aren’t willing to research and fix the conflict you’re experiencing because there is hardly an interest in making the plugins compatible.

    Maybe you could try the multi-step checkout plugin from the same company as the Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce. Or, alternatively, insist with that company to fix the incompatibility issue.

    I’m sorry for pointing you back to the developers of the Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce plugin, but whenever there is an incompatibility between a commercial and an open-source plugin, the solution can come only from the developers of the commercial plugin.

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    Ok, I will see what I can do.

    Also another strange thing that is happening, is when I deactivate your plugin, I get a blank checkout page. But it is keeping the 3 sections I had from your plugin. It only says this on the checkout page – no fields are appearing, nothing. I deactivate all other plugging and snippets (except for woocommerce) and it changes nothing. I delete cache too, but this is what it shows me on mobile, desktop, chrome, safari.

    1. Billing
    2. Delivery
    3. Order & Payment

    It won’t even default back to the basic woocommerce checkout. Any idea why?

    Plugin Author Diana Burduja


    Can you show me a link to the website with the plugin uninstalled and the blank checkout page?

    The plugin doesn’t change anything in the database (except adding “wmsc_options” in the wp_options table, which is the standard way of saving some data in WordPress). So once it is uninstalled, it shouldn’t have any effect on the checkout page.

    I assume there is caching at some level, probably lower than a WordPress plugin (WP Rocket on your website). Check with your hosting company if they use Varnish or MemCached for PHP level caching. If you’re using a reverse proxy service like CloudFlare, then there could be some caching along the way.

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    Also, I had messaged my host a few days ago to get that answer for you, but he hasn’t got back to me yet. And I do have WP Rocket.

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