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  • I understand that the actual view count can be a bit off depending on the type of software you are using to track your analytics.

    Although, I don’t understand how it could be this far off…
    “Post View Counter” says 1,342 views
    “Google Analytics” says 245 views
    “Jet-Pack Site Stats” says 271 views

    Judging by this you would think that the Post View Counter would be within 100 views from what Google may of registered, but it’s not, its over 1,000 views off.

    Are any problems like this happening elsewhere? Also, I’m getting the majority of my traffic from Facebook, could that play a factor with the post views?

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  • I have the opposite. I had a new post which went crazy on Facebook and got over 25,000 view in 3 days according to Jetpack. Post Views counter says only 1429 views. My Nginx server logs and Munin Stats matched up with what Jetpack was saying too.

    I trust Jetpack and my own server logs because their HIT is only counted when their little smiley appears which is at the very bottom of the page load. So it appears Post Views Counter is very wrong at recording views.

    I think caching plugins in particular cause this problem. I use Nginx fastcgi caching and I think when cached pages are served they are not counted. Hope this can be sorted out as I still love PVC

    I am currently having the exact same issue, the view counts on posts are off. Google Analytics shows that a certain article has 1,703 page views, but only shows 123 on the Post Views Counter. Is there any more info on how to resolve this, or a reason for why this is happening? I am just starting to take a deep dive into troubleshooting why the massive difference is occurring. If anyone has some info, it would be much appreciated.

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