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  • Hello,

    Over the past week, my website ( has been having issues with CPU load. For some reason, at random times, WordPress will spike up in CPU usage to 100%. They aren’t increased traffic times, nor do any extra scripts seem to be running. When the CPU increases to 100%, readers begin to see “connection interrupted” errors on the site.

    I’ve already tried the basics: enabled WP Super Cache; disable all plugins; optimize database, etc.

    The server is running Litespeed.

    If anyone has any ideas on what to try, please let me know! Thanks!


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  • You might have to check with your hosting provider what’s taking up the resources.


    I’ve been working with the host over the past couple days and we haven’t been able to find anything out. Initially, we believed it to be wp-cron.php running too often, but disabling that file completely didn’t resolve the issue.

    In addition, switching to the stock WordPress theme (“Twenty Eleven”) didn’t help either.

    If anyone has any other ideas as to what may be causing the issue, I’m all ears. Thanks!

    Hi itsalltech1,

    have you solved the problem? Could you kindly share your solution?

    many thanks


    I was never able to resolve the issue. The website seems to be performing normally right now, so it isn’t bothering us.

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