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  • This is my previous thread…

    Thank you, the posts were getting too long and my topic has basically changed! :p

    To sum it up, I am trying to find out what file I need to edit and what php I use for version 1.2.1, so that I can have specific ads show up on specific categories. The two nice men who helped me had given me instructions on how to do this for wordrpress version 1.5 only. (My cpanel does not upload to the latest version, and it’s much easier using my cpanel considering I have to do hundreds of blogs, so I can’t upgrade to 1.5 unless I manually download all of the blogs myself.)

    Another thing I did not post up on my previous thread is even if I can make it so each category shows a specific ad, how do I make it so that the index.php file (which shows all recent blogs of all categories) shows yet another ad code? Without the ad shown on the main index page showing up on the specific category pages? I also don’t want an ad that matches the category of the last post to show up on the main index, I only want that specific ad to show up on that category’s page.

    Hope that makes sense. 🙂 This is important because I am also running an ad exchange site and I have to put up my member’s ads to category-specific pages (they choose their category they want their ads to be displayed) so their impressions are used up on relevant viewers of their ads, which means more potential visitors for them.

    So you can see my predicament. 🙂

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    Regarding ad posting, try these two plugins:



    Hello macmanx thank you for your help.

    I looked over MooseCandy and it seems it is only for placing generic ads at the top of a blog. I do have my ads already at the top, but what I am trying to do is make it so a different and specific ad code shows up for each specific category of posts. For example, if somebody clicks on the category “pets” on the main index page, then the ad that shows up (completely different code) will be ads about pets. And so on, with all category pages displaying their own ad code.

    Something like…

    if (is_category(‘pets’)) { code to show pet ad }
    elseif (is_category(‘extremebowling’)) { display bowling ad }

    But the thing is, my version does not allow the “is_category” function, (the is_category is only for version 1.5) so then what function does it allow? I know there has to be some kind of function to grab codes for each category in my version…and it’s so simple to place in the blogs once I get the coding and the file to do this to…

    As for the Adhesive plugin, I don’t understand what this is supposed to do… :

    “This plugin adds a checkbox to the post status box that lets you designate a post as sticky.”

    Is there something else these plugins do that is not specified on their author’s pages?

    Thank you for your help!

    if( isset( $cat ) ) {
    if( $post->cat_ID == '7' ) {

    // if in category view of category id 7, do my stuff

    I don’t remember exactly the variable names, experiment with it


    if( isset( $cat ) ) {
    if( single_cat_title('', false) == "mycategory" ) {

    // if in category view of category "mycategory", do my stuff

    Thank you alphaoide I will try that…. tomorrow…going to bed now. Thanks so much for your help. 🙂

    Oh I forgot… which file do I edit and where do I put that?? They told me to put it in /themes/archive.php, but my version doesn’t have that. I have version 1.2.1 .


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    Put them in index.php after the archives block starts.

    Thank you macmanx! :))))

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