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  • I’ve been investigating a lot and there’s no plugin doing something similar.

    It’s about promotional ad, mainly on the home page, without changing anything of it design and structure (that’s it’s goody).

    I explain here under why I think it should be useful to many people, just in case someone would write it.

    Please have a look to (fake) screenshots. You’ll see a web site shot, and the 3 admin’s pages to add a promotional ad, to compose it and the usual settings page.

    By my side, I offer the idea and analyse free for a free plugin.
    Writer can keep all the donated $, fame and what he wants. Just name pikkabbu if you agree to.


    Star Modal promotions allow you to make promotional ads on your website without disturbing your page design or structure, and show them in the best and more visible place of your page: the main picture one.
    No need to modify page structure, specially great for home page ! The ad shows a a modal window over the selected picture. Location and place are eligible.
    Modal window can contain any html code, i.e. text, links, pictures, buttons, and so ever.
    You can choose whether you want any ad shows after page load delay, after prior ad delay, on main picture mouse over, clicking a button.
    User closes with X button, after some delay, after executing the link (of course).
    Can use shortcode [starmodpro name=”my_promo”] or in a template
    <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[starmodpro name=”my_promo”]]’); ?>
    Plugin is responsive if your theme is.
    As usual.

    Can I have several ads together ?
    Of course you can. You can choose how many can be showned in the same session (not to bother you users), and the delay between them. Of course, as long as the user remains on the same page.
    Can I program campaigns ?
    Sure. Every ad has a from and until date and hour.
    What’s the order of the ads if several ?
    You can adjust setting to show ads in the sane order they are onto the All Promotions’ page, or random.
    How can I choose on what pages my ads will be shown ?
    Use the shortcode or insert php code into your page template.
    <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[starmodpro name=”my_promo”]]’); ?>
    Is the plugin responsive ?
    If your theme is, so it is, anyway you can use it with a any theme using a picture on the page.

    SCREENSHOTS (user and admin dashboard)

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