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  • This is a peculiar situation, there are these adsense that don’t belong to me on my blog and yet when I look in the html to remove them I cannot see the source. This is crazy and the person who is doing it does not believe in fair play and should have his site banned.

    To see what I mean check out
    The fungus adds are not mine.


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  • I just visited your site. I see three sets of Google Ads, The first is a vertical list of three ads (dark blue) with a horizontal list of three ads (light blue) and at the bottom of your post a horizontal list of four ads similar in color to the other horizontal list of 3 ads. The same list holds true to the article when directly clicked.

    Checking around, it appears that each article has a multiple google ads with different formats each. I didn’t find a ‘fungus’ ad or an excess of google ads on a single page. (I believe Google only allows 3 sets per page.)

    I don’t know if you solved the problem, but unless one of those google ads were the culprit, I didn’t see the problem as described. Can you let us know if it is resolved or not, and if not, which set of ads are extra?

    I don’t know if this helps, but on one of my sites (, I use an add-in module called “All in One Adsense and YPN“. I can choose to turn the ads on and off at will from the Dashboard. While the Google ads take up the full left column of the article at the time of this writing, the text of longer articles will wrap around the ads.

    Just a note of information. At the time of this writing, ParagonRV has been setup with a series of articles which will be released on a daily basis beginning June 15, 2009. Inside each article after the <!--more--> is an ad from ClickBank which resembles Google ads appearance. Since Google does not allow similar ads displayed on the same page with their own ads, I have instructed “All in One…” to only display Google ads on the main page and not on the category or articles pages.


    At the risk of stating the obvious:

    Adwords ads can’t be displayed on a page unless the code is there to call them.

    Check through your template files, and if there is code there that you didn’t add, then delete it.

    If you have any concerns that someone other than you has access to the files on your webserver, then change the ftp password, if you think that someone other than you may have access to your wp admin, then change that password also.

    having just looked at the site and realised that it is all just an advert for some kind of water, and that you are probably only posting something here to increase traffic, I feel like a bit of an idiot for replying. Hope I’m wrong.

    My blog is

    You are not an idiot.

    The dark blue ones are the impostors ads, below you will see my html code for the site. This is the html placed by me.

    <script type=”text/javascript”><!–
    google_ad_client = “pub-9445531925591617”;
    /* 728×90, created 5/14/09 */
    google_ad_slot = “1317651846”;
    google_ad_width = 728;
    google_ad_height = 90;
    <script type=”text/javascript”

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    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
    <script type=”text/javascript”><!–
    google_ad_client = “pub-9445531925591617”;
    /* 728×90, created 5/14/09 */
    google_ad_slot = “1317651846”;
    google_ad_width = 728;
    google_ad_height = 90;

    You will note, there is NO 250x 250 center ad at ll. I have 2 ads, one at the top and one at the bottom.

    How can those imposter’s ads possibly be on my site.

    By the way I deleted 23 of his posts on this site. I would like to have information how I can change my password, for this is happening on a regular basis.


    Ryan S


    you can change the password from your dashboard… go to users –> your profile.

    Or you can change the password from phpmyadmin:

    Thanks Ryan I will do this right away.

    I tried hitting source from the browser and I still could not find the 250 x 250 ad from google. It is a mistery how it got there, and also how can I remove it.

    I guess I will leave it there and just make a new post.

    Thanks again

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