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  1. Nooriji
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Can confirm, what is written in the support forum about the issues with email access from China.

    1 hour after I checked this plugin, I got (like other ones) the message from Google, that someone from Guangdong, China tried to access.

  2. Can confirm, what is written in the support forum about the issues with email access from China.

    That's very serious. How did you confirm that "email access from China" exactly?

  3. Nooriji
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Yes ... it's very serious. I was notified by Google via email, that someone from Guangdong, China tried to access my mailbox and that access was denie, together with the question, whether it was really me.

  4. Right. Very serious aaand you've posted nothing here that demonstrates that it has anything at all to do with this plugin.

    Zero, zilch, nada, ziperino. ;)

    Unless you can some how connect that with this plugin then please do not make unfounded accusations like that here.

    If it is the plugin then please report where and how the plugin is responsible for that.

  5. Nooriji
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Jan, 15min after I installed this plugin, I got this message from Google with the details about the IP

    Der Anmeldeversuch wurde aufgrund der Möglichkeit unterbunden, dass es sich um einen Hacker handelt, der versucht, auf Ihr Konto zuzugreifen. Bitte lesen Sie die Details zu diesem Anmeldeversuch:

    Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2013 13:15 Uhr UTC
    IP-Adresse: 2607:f298:4:148::511:c779 (the.way.is.)
    Standort: Guangdong, China

    So the IP address of my domain 'the.way.is', which is definitely NOT in China, is overridden by the IP-Adress in China.

    And isn't it strange, that other users experienced exactly the same ?

  6. And isn't it strange, that other users experienced exactly the same ?

    Can you show in the code in the plugin where the plugin is actually responsible?


    Can you illustrate that your GMail account was never attempted to be accessed via China before (good luck with that)?

    What you are doing is connecting one event with another without bothering to show how the two are connected.

    The plugin is only 75 lines long.


    The admin portion is only 270 lines.


    After those 2 files the rest are TXT, images, and two translation files.

    Unless you can show how this plugin is related to someone from China attempting to access your GMail account then all you are doing is needlessly accusing and insulting the plugin author.

    Please stop doing that now.

  7. Nooriji
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am not an expert and don't need to dig into codes. But I do confirm, what another user mentioned already before me:

    That shortly after installing the this plugin I got the message from Google, that an IP address in China tried to access. So this message is DEFINITELY related to this plugin, because I NEVER EVER got such a message from Google before.
    But who knows, maybe this guy in Guangdong, China is a nice one and just wants to have some fun by sniffing around in other people's accounts.

    Anyway, I am grateful for Google's safety measurements by denying access to the sudden unusual attempt from China.

    And the question, why you defend this plugin so much ?

  8. And the question, why you defend this plugin so much ?

    It's very simple really: I do not like when people make accusations based on a complete lack of understanding. If someone accused you of doing something like I would react the same way and ask for proof.

    You continue to fail to provide anything that shows how this plugin is responsible for what you are saying.

    Just to review:

    1. You've installed and activated this plugin.
    2. You've then received a report that someone in China attempted to access your GMail account.
    3. You then made an accusation that the plugin was somehow responsible.
    4. I've asked you to back that up with facts and asked you to prove it.
    5. You've repeated yourself without bothering even try to make your case.

    If you have something to report then please read and follow the process for reporting security issues.


    Keep in mind that if your installation was hacked then they would also have access to your GMail credentials. That is stored in the options for this plugin.

    If that is the case then that also has nothing to do with the plugin author. You are responsible for the security of your installation.

    I'm closing this because we're both working in circles and you continue to not demonstrate where the plugin issue is. But I am also leaving this review in place for others to make their own judgement about what you've said as well as what I've repeatedly asked for.

    If you can prove that this plugin is prone to being exploited then please use that FAQ to report those details.

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