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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Josh and I am a newbie when it comes to blogging and using wordpress. Just a few days ago I set up my account for wordpress and purchased the Nectar theme from the mojomarket place. When building my blog I noticed whenever I go to the “blog” menu and click on an article that nothing happens and the page just refreshes. I have tired many things to fix this and still nothing has worked. I even gave the developer of the Nectar theme my password and username to see if he could do anything.

    Unfortunately he said this
    “I did a little digging. One thing that I know for certain is that it’s not the theme. I switched to a default WordPress theme and saw the same issue was still happening. This means that it’s not related to the theme, but could be something to do with your WordPress install, your hosting, a plugin, etc. I did reinstall WordPress and also deactivated plugins, but neither had any impact. So, at the moment, I’m not certain what would be causing this without looking into it further. But since it’s not related to the theme, additional inspection wouldn’t be covered under free theme support. To look into it further, I would need your hosting account Username/Password. Additionally, I would send you an invoice for $75, which would cover up to 1 hour of diagnosis, and would need to be paid prior to the work. If that’s something that interests you, let me know.”

    Of course I don’t want to pay $75 to get this fixed and I was hoping one of you could help me with the issues I am currently going through with my site. Once again my site is
    Any help and tips would be appreciated. Thank you

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  • Joshua,

    That is not fun at all. I am sorry that you are going through this situation.

    Have you tried uninstalling the theme yourself? When reading this I was not sure if the theme developer did that or you?

    Here is my list of suggestions to try:

    #1 Uninstall the theme.
    #2 Try using the WP 2012 theme.

    Note: When you uninstall the theme, if you can go to your hosting cpanel and then file manager. Verify that they is actually gone from your file structure.

    Does the problem still exist?

    #3 Are you running the latest version of WordPress?
    #4 Have you personally turned off all plugins?

    Those steps will generally clear up the issue but not always. Report back and let me know how it goes and/or if you have already done all of this.


    Hi Rene,

    I appreciate your feedback.
    So ultimately what I did was reinstall all my software and deleted all my info off my site and domain settings in blue host. What I then figured out today was the problem was occurring simply because I had a “custom” permalink setting that was making all my articles be read from the /blog/ permalink. I simply changed this settings to “post name” permalink and everything was fixed. I feel so stupid, but I appreciate your feedback. I’m a newbie but this was a valuable lesson that I learned.

    Thank you so much for your support.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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