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  1. shotinfo
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    I run a website that is not hosted on wordpress (my blogs are but i needed more plugins for the site) and last night, someone tried to change the email for the admin account (I got the email message this morning when I woke up) and when I went to my user accounts, there was a new account set up there which I did not set up!

    I don't see that anything on the site has changed but I'm wondering if there is a log file somewhere that I can check to see what changes were made and if the ip address of the person who set up that account had been captured.

    I have changed all passwords to make them stronger, but I was hoping someone would have suggestions for how to increase the security of my website which is self-hosted as well as for my blogs which are on wordpress.com.

    The non-profit organisation that I run has attracted a lot of attacks from hackers in the past so any suggestions would be really appreciated.


  2. People (automated scripts really) try to get into WordPress blogs all the time. I wouldn't be overly concerned about it if you are being vigilant.

    Just keep up to date and use good strong passwords.


    For your self hosted WordPress installations consider installing this plugin.


    That should help regarding brute force password attempts.

  3. shotinfo
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks Jan - I appreciate that. My concern is that a user account was set up and I never did it so that isn't just a bot. I also got an email from WordPress to say that I had requested a change to the admin password which of course, I never had. I'm not sure if bots do that sort of thing - the probably can now?

    Anyway, thank you for replying so quickly. I use a password generator so I have set it for extra, extra high :-) And the plugin is going in right now - I hadn't seen that one before so thanks for the pointer!

    All the best,

  4. You're welcome, glad to help. :)

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