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  • that is a nice theme. it’s probably beyond my skills, though

    I have not heard of the ‘Typo competition.’ Are these layouts free and already coded? If it is, it’d be easy to bring it over.

    OMG, the Typo theme contest was amazing.I’m seriously thinking about trying it simply because of the themes.

    You can see all the themes here

    and this is another exceptionally awsome theme from them.

    Good news people- Origami is coming to WordPress.That makes 3 themes from Typo that have been ported to WP. (Hemingway, Lush)

    Who says harassment doesn’t work… lol.

    i was surfing around some pages in my fav list and i found the origami theme allready portet for wordpress. i asked the pageowner if its possible to share this work with us. his answer at this time was, that he did this for his own, and that there are several problems that had to be solved. he meant if the theme were released and there are some questions “how to” its impossible at this time for him to answer them

    i can understand him and im very happy of this honesty. origami is one of the “most kicking ass” designs ive ever seen!

    Hi yuh,

    just out of curiosity:

    You say “origami is one of the “most kicking ass” designs ive ever seen!”.

    Can you explain why? I’m probably sitting on my brain this morning ;-), but I find nothing really exciting in that theme, which I’d personally grade as “lower medium run of the mill”.

    You can see the author running this theme on his own blog at the address below

    Lhk, you are being a bit silly. That theme stands out for many reasons and having looked at maybe 150 themes, I’d say it is up there aesthetically, but would win it for me because it adds on a few extras that WordPress themes never really have.

    Origami is very well designed and the major change is that it has fluid divs which allow you to view on a 780 to 1200 resolution. I’d love to see a second sidebar, but let’s get this version done and dusted before we all email Leevi begging for the third sidebar 😉

    It has some Css switcher (I think) to change the size of the text and a real nice navigation menu on the banner.

    Put it this way, the average Joe or Jill just looking to get blogging, or having their say, would jump through hoops to get hold of a free website that looked as good as many commercial companies. People would part company with considerable amounts of cash money to own such a website.

    The basic design is a brilliant idea, the aesthetics are up to the individual, but for the average person, this is a real treat.

    I cannot wait to get a copy of this theme.

    Hi Liverpoollad,

    you will have a HARD time finding me calling ANYONE silly for posing a question – or for having other ideas about “good design”. Sorry, but that needed to be said.

    Apart from that, your answer doesn’t satisfy me really (I’m still waiting for the answer of the original poster).

    Fluid divs, nifty navigation or CSS switchers are a matter of programming. They can be applied to other themes. And they – to me – are not making a theme or design “outstanding”. They are programming, that’s all.

    “Looking like commercial sites” isn’t really a recommendation in my book, many of the commercial sites are plain awful, too loaded or too run of the mill. That’s why I asked, this design (as opposed to the programming) is pretty run of the mill and mediocre. It’s nothing I’d go hopping enthusiastic about and it doesn’t lend itself to bettering through modification either. It’s not really bad, it’s better than many, but it’s not really good either or even excellent as a design.

    So the enthusiasm is astonishing for me. And that’s an honest opinion and an equally honest question.

    And I’m not calling anyone here silly for liking that design, mind me please.

    Point taken lhk, I’m not referring to you as silly or dismissing you, I suppose I might have presumed you were criticising something just for the hell of it.

    I apologise for that.

    I still think this theme is a winner going on the WordPress releases we have.

    I’ve not seen many WordPress themes go as far as Css Zen garden but Zen only has one html file and one css, WordPress has a lot more html to get right.

    Hi LiverpoolLad,

    apology accepted, and no, I indeed don’t criticize just for the hell of it ;-). As a designer and webmaster such things do interest me immensely. It’s the curiosity-killed-the-cat-thing rather than anything else 😉 I just want to know why people are attracted to something, when I’m not at all attracted.

    And sure enough, there are sites on the net which just blow me away and I go “but sheesh, that’s something you could have thought of!” or “wannahavewannadotoo”. Among blog design curiously – and I guess that’s a sacrilege saying that, sorry – I found the most fantastic designs among MT, Nucleus and Textpattern users. No idea why this would be so. Maybe the basic programming of the software? The ease of use of WP? No idea, really.

    I use WP for a lot of “private” sites, my designs are geared to the person/topics they represent and I find it – in most cases – very easy to accomodate and still create pleasing, workable and personal design with WP.

    However, when I check the themes finding most acclaim here among the users – like the above-mentioned – and have myself a close look at them, I’m astonished that so many are run of the mill, often bland and boring and what to me is at best mediocre. What I said before: technically ok, design-wise not bad, but also not really good and never really outstanding.

    Probably this truly has some psychological “connection” with the software philosophy or something. I dunno. But this whole thing very much intrigues me. That’s why I ask why WP people root for this sort of designs so much.

    Here is the testing blog for the WP verison of Origami and it look just as good on WP as it did on Typo

    Hi Bhoney,

    it looks the same.

    Can you please explain why you think it looks so “good” to you?

    Sorry LiverpoolLad, I just realized you had posted the link alredy

    lhk, take this as fact, we like it. there are normaly no further questions needed especially like “what you like”, “what is good for you”, “why this kicks ass”….some like it, some dont.

    if you are a spy then you can ask whatever you want, if you are the anonymous producer here in the wordpress forums, you can ask too. if you only want get in contact with some ppl try a single-community 🙂

    i like this theme because its made so easy, so powerfull, so different to all the themes we have now in wordpress. all themes have their inspiring and touch from the k2, thats not bad, but i think the kubrikish time is over- origami gives a new flow. the colours are perfect, the font size is perfect, the colours make fun, the whole layout is made with love and you can see it on the details of the theme/page that the coder thought after what he works.
    is this okay for you?

    Hi yuh,

    first off – why so aggressive?

    What is a “spy”? And what is a “producer”? Is there some conspiration theory at large here, or what? I’m just a plain ole webmaster and designer, nothing else.

    Yes, I noticed that there are lots of “kubrikish” themes out there, which already has astonished me quite a bit. I don’t particularly like it (even tho I adapted it for those clients who were hellbent on wanting it), but if you would ask me which (of the two – Kubrick or Origami) I liked best, my most probable answer would be “none of those”.

    “Visual and communication design”, per se, is NOT about technical and programming aspects. That’s why I completely fail to see anything extraordinary – designwise – in either of these themes.

    As to the design of Origami, and that’s my personal review now:

    The colors are drab, green not being an extremely good color on the net any which way. It immediately screams “artificial”. The attempt at “playfullness” in the graphics and the coloring of text, borders and rounded buttons is pretty boorish when compared to truly well-made artistic “graphic play”.

    Then, it’s absolutely run of the mill, and that I mean from A to Z, from the rounded corners (get them practically on just about any cheap site by now), especially as the columns don’t really align symmetrically, the coloring of text and borders is bland “non-offensive style” adopted by so many commercial sites, the buttons are typical run of the mill buttons you find literally on a gazillion commercial sites, the design doesn’t ease reading, and the color scheme in itself isn’t really geared even to the two main colors it attempts to play with. The most pleasing version is the 100% width one, the others are visually unbalanced (to put it mildly).

    Lastly, and most importantly in my personal book: this doesn’t stand out in any way. You go onto such a site, you go to the next, or you hunt for some book, software or CD on the net: all the same. Nothing to remind you of that one special site there. Meshing with this is that I do not see anything *personal* or individual, anything which says “hello world! Here I am, this is my site, it’s ME.” Even when I look at/read a bit through the author’s blog.

    So, if you like it, and I’m certainly not saying you shouldn’t, I wonder just what it is in WP users, that makes them choose “reactionist”, “run of the mill” and “bland”. One might say “conformist”.

    It’s by the way not just this theme, not by a mile. Saying this aloud and asking about this was a process which came about during the past year or so, while reading threads, looking at – here – acclaimed sites, looking at themes and watching the past themes contest.

    Now, while I certainly concede that for many a conformist, traditional-style theme may be a must, because there are pressures placed on them in this regard, I do not in the slightest understand, why this would have to be so in e.g. an open style/theme contest or when reviewing the themes/designs of others posting here. If I look at theme contests among other CMS (not just blogs), there usually is at least a 30% amount of extraordinary, fresh and non-conformist themes to be found. Many of which make it high up in the ranks. If in a set community this is not so, one may wonder why it is not so, que no? And one need not be a “spy” or whatever to wonder where the zest is gone to. 🙂

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