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    Hello =)

    I’m having a big problem with my site rendering in Internet Explorer 6 – the right sidebar goes to the bottom of the page and the border margins are out of whack. (It displays properly in all the other major browsers).

    I’ve tried moving and deleting things off my sidebar, reducing image property sizes + everything else recommended on the web and in these forums. Can anyone PLEASE give me a rough idea of what could be causing this?


    PS: Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as I own a Mac and therefore have limited time to work on my site on PCs outside of home (ie. fine-tuning and then checking in IE). Thanks again 🙂

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    Try working on some of those errors – it looks like your code might be doing some wonky things.

    This is not an uncommon problem with IE – it’s just something that takes a little tinkering and figuring out. Just search the forums here for “IE sidebar” and you’ll see that this happens a lot. Might help you figure out other possible causes…

    Check for useless tags

    or div tags within the your first couple of posts
    (encounters… to myspace…)

    i had same problem. at first it was due to images in post being too large – but you’ve eliminated that.

    then it happened again, but i realized it was from when wysiwyg editor adding tags that didnt delete properly (like numerous <strong></strong> and what not.

    fixing all that stuff from that validator link isnt going to help (do you really care if your < br> code is off?

    Yeah, I’ve read that validating code isn’t very helpful with sidebar and/or IE issues (the Google homepage being a case in point).

    Thanks so much for the suggestions, I’ll try it out ASAP! ^_^

    It’s because IE is an… extremely annoying browser 😉

    It could have something to do with your “primary” div being floated because IE does nutso things with floats and margns, as shown here.
    Or there might be something there that is pushing it out (even though it shouldn’t) like margins or padding. This site might help. Try applying overfow:hidden to the whole page and see what happens.

    Let us know how it goes?!

    rodeohk – your site has FAR MORE on it’s homepage than the google homepage does.

    again, if you search these forums, you will see, that quite often, working out the validation errors DOES fix the IE issues with the sidebars on wordpress sites.

    Heh, third WordPress tech question I’ve solved myself … I’ve written up how I solved my problem, which I hope helps others in the future.

    Thanks to thugparly, ladydelaluna and kristarella for trying to help!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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