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  • Four or five times a year i have to build up user-communities . Because of the reason we are only a small company with small budgets we have to use all possibilities the web gives.
    Most of time we work with scripts like vbulletin, photopost, Gossamers and some more; all of them could be easy merged to each other. Now im looking for a new component to build up a storyserver. The idea is to find a cms and melt it with the other puzzle-pieces i have here.
    Unfortunately there are a lot of blog-scripts, but none of them i have installed and tested is more then a small toy (no offense ment) if i compare them to scripts like vbulletin.
    For example: Here is no real WYSIWYG; In my opinion i want to get text from users, not more, then i need only aa normal field without any scripting or i want to pass a real editor. But then please not with JS-Buttons for big, font and so on. I dont know what the programers here want, but if it should be WYSIWYG then please look for the vbulletin e.g.
    Another thing are the tables in mysql, especially the user table; if i put it next to that of vbulletin, it is like a small brother, but all the fields have other names. Why? If i create a new script it could be a nice idea to pass my customers a tool which is build in a way, that people could use it with other tools, too. And is there a script more used from serious web-builders than vbulletin? I think not.
    It is no problem to change all the scripts and the table-names for myself, but though i use beyond compare it will be a hard work to update the script. So maybe you want to go one step more. Just give normal customers a ready-of-the-box-script, but for another smaller group like me, you could pass a small text-field with the names of the fields for the user-table, e.g. – so everyone could melt his forum with your blog on an easier way. (Yes, some problems will stay with the session-management, but if Gossamers and photopost could solve it, you could do it, too, i think.)
    So i have to travel further looking for the right script. Good luck and please dont do that mistake a lot of companies do (like WS_FTP or macromedia); dont look only for the end-users, look for all the people creating websites, too. Maybe these one are multiplicators for more users, more programmers, more success of a script.
    Tom, Germany ( I hope my eglish is enough to understand 😉

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  • WP is not a CMS. It’s a personal publishing tool. Good luck finding what you are looking for.

    and melding the pieces.




    I’m still trying to find out where in the docs, WP claims to be a CMS…. or where that mythconseption comes form.

    NuclearMoose, Beel, TechGnome; you are missing the point, here is some contructive critism that might help make WP (my favourite piece of software in the world) even better for even more poeple… Sheesh

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    If he had registered, left a url maybe it would be worth reading – IF he had read what WP was in the first place.
    I’m with NM, B & TG

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