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  • I’m using shortcode to feature multiple ratings on one page. On some pages I have 20+ different ratings setup like this:

    Product 1 [kkstarratings id=”1″]

    Product 2 [kkstarratings id=”2″]

    Product 3 [kkstarratings id=”3″]

    I thought everything was working fine, but I’m noticing some random ratings are not being recorded. For example, if I vote for all 3 products in the example above, 2 of them are being recorded and showing my rating, but one is not. Since I have 20+ ratings on multiple pages, I haven’t been able to spot a pattern, but I have several random one’s on each page that don’t seem to work.

    Is there anything that could be causing this??? I verified that each product has a unique id, but for some reason some aren’t working properly…


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  • Any help here? Here is a sample page so you can see what I’m talking about:


    Notice the 2nd and 4th product do not have any star ratings. I’ve tried voting on these two items from several different computers using different browsers. They’re not working and I have no idea why. All the other ratings are working and each has a unique id.

    This is occurring on several different pages, but the other pages’s have even more ratings that aren’t working…

    Any ideas??? I really need these ratings to work correctly… thanks!

    I wish I could have gotten some support on this…

    Guess I’ll have to switch to another ratings plugin…

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