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  • I have been doing work on my own theme (my very first, from scratch) recently however I believe the code etc. is too messy.

    For example I have rarely used CSS as I am relatively new to it and therefore the code for tables and the background images for each cell etc. are contained within the index.php file.
    What would be required to move all this messy table code into CSS so I’m not wasting space in index.php.

    Also a similar problem is that I have included all the sidebar stuff within the index.php, there is no problem with viewing it but I’ve noticed other themes have a seperate sidebar.php.

    The biggest help for these problems would be a tutorial that explains how I could do all the table layout stuff in CSS.

    Basically for example a blog post appears in a table with 3×6 cells each with a background image for looks and a couple of cells with Worpress/PHP code for post content etc.

    Sorry If I don’t make sense, it’s kind of hard for me to explain what I want exactly but any help would be appreciated.

    PS: I can show the code for a simple blog post to show you what I mean if it helps.

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  • You are going to be hard pressed to find help with WordPress and designing with tables, as WP is designed with XHTML and CSS in mind. My first suggestion would be to direct you to the codex and the section Blog_Design_and_Layout
    There is a wealth of information there, including CSS#CSS_Resources. Once you have some specific questions about WP and theme design, I’d do some searches with the new search feature, and if something doesn’t come up, then start a new thread with specifics of your question.

    Well I don’t necassarily want to use tables what I do want to know is how to do the same sorta thing with CSS.
    Because I have a table with cells holding various parts of the box that surrounds the news post and a couple of cells that hold the title, comments and content and I can’t think of any way to do that without tables.

    So my question is how to do that with CSS INSTEAD of Tables.

    My site is:

    There’s nothing on there besides random jibberish to test it and I havent got anything besides index.php so anything besides pages and the blog probably won’t work.

    Basically the posts and they’re surrounding box are in tables which isn’t the most efficient way of doing it.

    Oh and can someone tell me why the sidebar list adds an extra blank point in Firefox?

    Most themes separate the page elements for simplicity, and also in the case of the sidebar, cause sometimes some pages don’t use the sidebar. you can do whatever works best for you.

    the sidebar is listing that “dot” because the css for the UL in the sidebar isn’t calling to remove it.

    i think your best bet is to do a google search for css tutorials, and then use the wordpress link posted above to help you figure out how to modify elements and such…

    it’s a little more complicated than a forum can handle…

    Yeah I guess I was just looking for a quick fix but it looks like I’ll have to get to work learning CSS properly.

    Thanks guys.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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