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  1. ehayot
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi, folks,

    This is about http://www.printculture.com. Some users can comment just fine, and some users cannot. They hit the "post comment" button and nothing happens--no error, nothing. Other users can comment just fine. The ones who cannot are using Firefox, Safari, Chrome, on Macs and PCs.

    I have tried changing themes. One user suddenly became able to comment; at least two others still cannot.

    I have tried deactivating plugins (all but Jetpack). No change.

    Any advice or help gratefully appreciated.

    Thank you,


  2. ehayot
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Just a quick note to add that as of this afternoon *I* can no longer comment on the blog either.

    .... And the problem is solved (for me at least) by deactivating Jetpack. If anyone has any ideas how I can keep JP activated and make this work, please let me know.

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