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  • After playing around with WP at I have some thoughts.
    1. More comments in the code would be greatly appreciated. A listing of where some of the .php files get their html from would be helpful.
    2. A shift to common terminology like Preview instead of Advance editing.
    3. Disallow same level users from editing each other’s work.
    4. Enable a static rss file. Generate it every few minutes and let the various RSS readers just pull the static file.
    5. Performance could be tweaked. Not sure how, but WP is a bit resource intensive. At least on my hardware.
    6. Less branding. WordPress at the bottom of the page is classy, having it at the header, at the login, etc its not.
    A lot of this stuff is subjective so take it as such.

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  • 1. Use
    2. WP tries to be as semantically accurate as possible. 🙂
    3. There are those that want this and those that don’t. We have shuttled back and forth at least once. You can always make changes to the source to control this, and in 1.3 a bunch of user_can_foo() functions are gonna be there to help you edit the permissions with some amount of ease. We are getting there….
    4. Use the staticize plugin.
    5. Each subsequent version of WP has been lighter and faster than the previous one, in absolute terms. The team is doing the best it can.
    6. Branding – well, I guess it is just that there needs to be something to fill up the empty spaces. None of it needs to be there, the licence does not ask for a link-back to wordpress, so please feel free to customize it to your needs.
    Thanks a lot for your comments. You can use the bugtracker at for submitting more detailed suggestions/requests/bug reports, if you so desire.

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