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  • Finally a plugin that has lazy loading and does not bog down pageloads. First of well done…

    Ok i have some suggestions that i think will really make this plugin fantastic.

    1. Ability to set either an align Left or Right for the buttons in settings
    2. Easier control of controlling margins for the buttons via the settings page if possible without the need to edit css file direct, i find that the default settings spacing between buttons is too much
    3. Ability to use custom icons instead of the default one easily from backend.
    4. Add the shortcode instructions to the settings page, i did not know it existed until i went to the FAQ page.

    Thats it, well done i love this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Tom Morton



    Glad you like the plugin and greatly appreciate the feedback! I agree with you on the shortcode information, I’ll be sure to change that so the instructions are a bit easier to find. I’ll also add notes in the settings area of the plugin that shows the shortcode instructions as well.

    Regarding your CSS requests, I’ve tried to keep the plugin as minimal as possible in regards to the styling, allowing users to disable the CSS and Javascript as needed to implement their own custom options. More and more, however, it seems everyone would rather a simple admin interface for manipulating the buttons rather than doing it via CSS.

    Updates usually happen on the weekends, so I will implement some settings as suggested and let you know when they are live.

    Again, thanks for using the plugin and for the feedback!

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for getting back to me so quick and for taking my suggestions on board, i would be happy to even donate so if you get this done let me know.

    Since i posted to you the only other thing i cannot get my head around that i would like to do is to be able to center the social buttons if i need to on a page… for example on blog posts they stay left justified, but on the homepage i want them centered…. i tried the following but does not work.

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>[wpsocialite size=”small”]</p>

    Any ideas ?

    Plugin Author Tom Morton


    I just attempted to do the same and it looks like the CSS currently being used isn’t allowing it to center.

    Until I implement better CSS management, you can use this:

    <div style="text-align: center;margin:0 auto;width:70%">[wpsocialite size="small"]</div>

    Let me know if that works. You can adjust the width to your needs.

    Edit: Appreciate your donation offer as well, but I currently don’t have a link set up! That’ll come in the next release as well. Greatly appreciate you supporting Wpsocialite.

    Tom i support anyone who a) listens to users needs b) has another social plugin like everyone else but knows about page load speed times and want to optimize that hence you came up with a plugin that is now different to the others with lazy loading…

    I tried the code it did not work as expected… this however did work

    <div style=”text-align: center;margin-left:300px; width:70%;”>[wpsocialite size=”large”]</div>

    Its just forced with a margin on the left so it looks like its centered.

    You can check it out here.

    Towards the bottom.

    I just tested it with the LARGE buttons and i noticed that it is not horizontal its vertical, any way of making those buttons horizontal like the small buttons ?


    Plugin Author Tom Morton


    You’re right, its not centering.

    Let me implement and test a few css-related settings on the administrative site and hopefully I’ll have a release this weekend that allows us to fix this.

    Hope I’m not hijacking the thread when I add a request (apologies if this is a duplicate):

    Would love to have the option of showing the buttons both before AND after a post, rather than either/or.

    Thank you kindly. 🙂

    Hi Tom, hope you had a good weekend, any updates on our previous correspondence ?

    Plugin Author Tom Morton



    Unfortunately got tied down with client work this weekend. Attempting to push up an update this week, but worst case it will have to be next weekend.

    I must apologize but these things happen from time to time. I’d rather push out a premium product later than a plugin update that wouldn’t be as polished as I’d like.

    As always, I will keep you updated. Appreciate you following up!

    No worries i know what its like…. ill look out for a follow up during or next week.. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Tom Morton


    I’ve added an option to display both at the top and the bottom in todays update (to be pushed later today). Upgrade the plugin and you should see the new option.

    Apologies for the late reply. I’ve been experimenting with various ways to implement a centering feature, and no matter what I do it seems to come back to custom CSS.

    Its hard to implement a “plugin wide” feature for something that really should be on a user basis. How do I detect the width of your content area? Do I blindly center, and will that accomplish your needs? What if you have a responsive design? If I do implement this, will it work for everyone?

    Upon attempting to implement something that would answer these questions, I found that simple CSS manipulation on the users end could serve the purpose. For example, if you used the following code in your style.css, you would find that it centered everything “almost” perfect. If things are a little to the left, you could decrease the width to your needs. If things are wrapping, increase the width and you’re good to go!

    .wpsocialite.large, .wpsocialite.small { text-align: center; width:60%; margin:20px auto 20px !important ;}

    As always, I value your input. Would it be better to have examples in the FAQ on the plugin page that point to code snippets like the one above?

    Yes your right tomorrow centering could pose a problem I see your point thanks for the custom code I will give it a go….. If I think of anything else useful will let u know

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