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  • 1- in tab Role:
    add Role5 like these :

    when i use Role4 as I recall shows like these :

    in Role5 must be like these :

    2- in Rols tab :
    a. when i use role shows like these :

    must be like these :

    b. when i use Topic Auther shows like these :

    must be like these :

    3- Add The ability to post a Note for each forum individually view the image :

    4- image Background for “2. Forum / Topic Headers / Footers” don’t work

    5- add these cod to “help tab” :

    #bbpress-forums ul.sticky li.bbp-topic-title a.bbp-topic-permalink::before, #bbpress-forums ul.super-sticky li.bbp-topic-title a.bbp-topic-permalink::before {
    direction: rtl;

    6- make “Forum / Topic Headers / Footers” two options separate like :
    a. Top: Forum / Topic Headers / Footers
    b. bottom: Forum / Topic Headers / Footers
    To clarify more » see the picture :

    7- Forum Templates do not work, when I use Template3 do not work in Kleo Theme See image :

    Template2 button does not exist See image :

    8- Add Quote button forum topics and replies .

    9- Add Signature for topics and replies and support BuddyPress for this feature .

    10- Possibility of adding an icon before the Topic Title, where the Admin uploads icons he want, see example:
    a. select an icon by the user

    b. after selecting the icon
    <img src=”” />

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  • Plugin Author Robin W


    1. Don’t understand
    2. Don’t understand – I can see no difference between 2a and ‘must be’
    3. Don’t understand
    4. I can’t replicate this

    Work on the rest of the suggestions,
    and I’ll explain the suggestions that you did not understand later

    Plugin Author Robin W


    I will look at the others, but I have lots of other work at the moment

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