• First, thanks for the release a of a free plugin with such a large potential.

    I have been trying the plugin for more than 4 weeks,
    The proposal is great, yeah, Lovely ideas, the design is good too.

    I found more than 1 bug and little documentation, the support team seems to be working very
    hard in the plugin and in answering queries of users and trying to make it work under different setups…

    I was about to use this plugin as the core of my new project, a community based in WP, but
    for a few reasons, I have desisted and I’m considering other plugins.

    I like the idea, but still needs a lot of development to fit my needs. And I suspect others too, so this
    comments intend to be a suggestion to the developers.

    I found to many bugs in the creation of image galleries,
    aditionaly there were some js erros, the team cleared them up fast after I made a few claims but still I found that the quality
    of the photo and video feature is very low, in terms of interaction and UE.

    Why not use the standard buil-tin wordpress galleries and a custom post type to create user content instead of this
    horrible galleries that come with the plugin?

    Please consider this suggestion, with this suggestions implemented, content would be easily queried with php functions allowing the
    plugint to grow without limitations. instead, the plugin has a poorly coded basic video and photo publication system, that I dont
    know how that can be part of a growth plan of a project of this kind, if you want to grow integrating the polished tools of publication
    of media (video, images and content in general) that come with WP, would be a great thing to do ASAP.

    Also the videos, the same: a very poor interface to post videos, no custom post type, no thumbnails, only supports 2 sites…
    no uploading video feature. this is very basic for a pro plugin… i expect this to be addressed and improved.

    Probably enhacing video and galleries publication will make the plugin an amazing solution for thousands out there.

    On the other hand typos in their main website and typos in CSS coding make things look very amateur, but also I will give you some interesting typos in this document.

    Further comments and critics are for the lack of instructions: I have been trying to use the social login feature, but for some reason I cant make it work correctly neither in google or in facebook, this is due to a lack of documentation from the
    plugin developers, guys: you should teach your users how to use your plugin to the bone, including
    configuring the social login, this seems to be forgotten by the userultra team. If you have developed
    the social login tool, you must tell your potential customers and users how to set it up step by step.
    The lack of this setup documentation , one of the main things that make say “No” to buying the pro version.

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  • Hi @dub mahadev,

    Thank you for taking the time to spell out the list of items you have found to be lacking in Users Ultra. We agree with much of what you have said and are working to improve these things.

    With reference to the number of sites supported for video, I believe there have been updates to add more sites and enable embedding from pretty much any site. However, point taken with regard to handling videos and images.

    We are working on the documentation to make it clearer. We do understand that providing a set of pages with the shortcodes and other pages which show those shortcodes in use isn’t enough. We will let you know when our improvements have been made.

    We do provide instructions on how to set up social login and registration. However, given the fact that all the plugin asks for is the keys generated by the social sites we offer social lognin for, there isn’t a lot of instruction we can provide except to show where to go to get that information. It would be nice if those social sites were a little more clear on how to create their apps. But, even so, YouTube is full of instructions for doing those things. We will try and make things a little more clear on where to find the answers people may be looking for. And maybe even supply links to some of the videos already available showing how to use those social sites to create the apps.

    Having said that, we do have navigation menus on our support site (which you have already visited) that will take you to three places which show shortcode usage, examples of those usages and features for the free version. We also have a separate set of menu items where you can navigate to docs for the pro version as well as for the changelog if you haven’t seen those already.

    We are going to be changing the images and video handling within the plugin very soon. We do recognize the need for these features to be greatly improved.

    Again, thank you so much caring enough to let us know what you think of this project and it’s potential.

    thanks for the feedback.

    What I would suggest is that to to help clients/users is to create a pdf document or blog post with a step by step instructions to setup social login of each of the services supported… that would do the job and I bet it will convince more people to go pro.

    Yes, we have talked about pdf downloads over the last few months. That might not be the avenue we choose. However, thanks for the suggestion. We already have social set up tutorials and there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to make up for the lack of adequate documentation provided by the social networks, if that is actually the case, on how to set up their apps.

    We have a lot of other things we are focusing on. If you need a link to any of those tutorials, I’m most happy to share them. Or you can do a search on our forums where I have shared a few already. In fact, I have shared some here on WordPress Support Forums. Point is, they are all over the place.

    Again, we aren’t interested in “convincing” anyone. Either you want it or you don’t. We offer it. You might notice, we are very active in updating our free version here.

    You are welcome to give it a try and if you like it, well the option to do what you suggest is there. I would recommend familiarizing one’s self with WordPress functionality, then plugin functionality (free versions) and then upgrade if you think that is what you want. Once people are familiar with a free version, we don’t really have too much need to tell people how the other version works.

    Hi Dot 07 you should write less, and read more…
    I can see how you always get into complicated situations in your responses, address what people say and keep on the hard work.
    I have to say that because the complete lack of documentation to setup the social login, i decided to dont buy your pro plugin.
    i tried for 2 hours to setup that feature, didnt work…
    if you added this pdfs, I would have acquired your product.
    “convincing” people is giving a good service.

    LOL… I really don’t think providing a pdf would have solved the issue you had. What we would provide in a pdf would be the same thing that is already available in multiple places.

    As I stated above, we are working on making our documentation more clear and easier to find. If what we provide isn’t the exact venue someone wants, we will have to live with it.

    I respond to queries and I am willing to discuss when someone has an issue and attempt to resolve that issue (sometimes it might take me 11 hours or more working through that issue with the person asking for help). And sometimes the person raising the issue isn’t actually looking for a solution. If the tutorials which are already available online can’t help you, then we are sorry about that.

    Our plugin asks for two things which are generated by the apps you have to set up with a third party. Our plugin works with that information if the app has been set up correctly. We are not responsible for teaching people how to set up apps from third parties. Especially not when there is already an overload of readily available tutorials which already teach how to do that.

    I have given references to tutorials where you can learn how to set those apps up and I have offered to provide links to where those tutorials can be found. I have even offered to post the tutorials (again). If you don’t consider that service, then I am really happy you stopped when you did.

    I have also had a look at some things you have to say about other plugins and even other people who leave reviews. I don’t think I’m going to worry too much about you purchasing regardless what we would do.

    Sometimes we just have to decline a special request. And at this point in time that’s what we are going to do here.

    Our service stands on it’s own and is reflected in our forums as well as these here.

    Thanks for the review.

    you always are confronting with people!!
    you should try to address the positive conclusions of my suggestions,
    i tell you from my hearth, i dont want to be destructive at all in my
    review, as you can see, only want to help…
    pointing out what I did ask in other forum threads is a little bit too much, and the way you write back to me , i find it a bit over the top.
    i dont want to start pointing out things with this same attitude you have, because it wouldn’t help your project, but harm it…

    spell check in your site will also help you build some trust.
    and in the code too…
    all this dialectic madness you jump directly after somebody makes a review, is harming your project and your colleagues will notice sooner or later.

    It appears to me that this review is becoming more about someone who has an ax to grind than an honest review. Now you are just arguing and trying to create further unproductive banter.

    I have agreed with you on the points that warrant agreement. And I decline to provide you with the special request of a pdf download.

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