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    About a year ago I set up 9 domain mapped sites successfully from a single installation. However, I am trying to add more mapped domains, but can’t seem to do it. Is there a limited number, or is that a silly question to ask?

    Here is my parent site successfully setup:
    Here is a domain that I am trying to setup: (right now it’s strangely referencing the parent site without the actual content)
    It should have a fresh install that looks like this though, since i’ve done nothing on the site yet:

    Some sort of breakage is happening, and i think it has to do with how i’ve added and deleted site-ids. I’ve deleted and tried to do it again, but i think the plugin is remember old site-IDs, and throwing it off when i go to the WP dashboard “sites” area

    Perhaps now that it is months later, I’m forgetting a step.

    I bought all my domains at godaddy and have my hosting at (since it’s cheap).

    So i pointed my initial site’s nameservers over to, and for all the other domains, i set the a-name to point at the IP address.
    On the cpanel, I have parked all my domains.

    I am adding a site-id and URL in the MU domain mapping plugin area, and then adding it in the “sites” area of my WP dashboard. I think that my site-IDs are getting off. You know how if you hover over the url in the “sites” area of the WP dashboard, you see the site-ID number at the end of the url? Well when I add my twelfth domain, the number 19 is adding on, and so on. Anyway, no luck.

    PLEASE HELP! I’ve really tried searching around the forums for this answer, and am completely stumped.

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  • WOW!!!!!!!! I have spent hours, DAYS, on trying to figure this out. It turns out the plugin DOES remember your site-ID numbers of your messedup-setup sites, even if you delete them. It’s VERY important that you set them up in order, and that that site-id number is matching up to the number at the end of the url that you see when you hover over the site in the “sites” WP dashboard. WOW. tricky details, and a huge factor in a successful setup.

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