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  • i have created a css, i viewed it in both dreamweaver and topstyle and it works fine., but when i upload it some part of the style is not showing. anyone here can help?
    is div inside a div legal?

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  • div in a div is fine (div in div in div in div in … etc forever, is ok even)
    Wanna give us a page url that we can see this at? Perhaps some screen shots of how you believe it is supposed to be appearing?
    These things will help use help you better/quicker.

    Did you upload the css + made a reference to it in your indexfile?
    Yes, a div inside a div is OK, as long as its nót a div with an ID inside a div with a CLASS, where the ID is a blocklevel-element (display:block) and the CLASS is a floating-element (display:inline), un less you overrule the CLASS-element by stating that this is ALSO a blocklevel-element.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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