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  • Hi

    I am using the wp-ecommerce plugin with the vanilla cart theme.

    I have translated most of the theme with Poedit but it seems there are a few things that I can’t find.

    I’ve been grinding through the vanilla-cart theme’s php files trying to find anything that reads, ‘Next Page’,’Filed under,’ ‘Uncategorized’, ‘Archived’, ‘Leave a comment’ etc.

    Some of the stuff has changed but only when I click on a blog entry and it refreshes the page with that Blog entry alone. But as soon as I return to the main blog page, well… things translate back to English.

    Also, I can’t seem to translate Archives – and I have gone through everything in the vanilla theme.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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    Same problem…

    Moderator keesiemeijer


    localize with this plugin:
    It can also create .mo and.po files

    I’m trying to translate this plugin but I can’t translate “Sorry your transaction was not accepted.” in transaction result page. It isn’t in entry ti translate. I use codestyling localization. Somebody could help me?

    line 41 of transaction_results.php is incomplete
    _e('Sorry your transaction was not accepted.<br /><a href='.get_option("shopping_cart_url").'>'. __('Click here to go back to checkout page.','wpsc') . '</a>');

    it should be like this
    echo __('Sorry your transaction was not accepted.','wpsc').'<br /><a href='.get_option("shopping_cart_url").'>'. __('Click here to go back to checkout page.','wpsc') . '</a>';

    change it then rescan you plugin and edit the translation

    This plugin has good functionality unfortunately it is far from perfect or at least good in internationalization. I found many many untranslated strings, then translations against the default textdomain let alone other textdomains from copied and pasted code. This situation makes it very hard for non-english user, the fixing effort is huge and it locks the user from the upgrade to new versions unless another equally effort is expected to fix the problems again.

    The bad thing is that people even buy premium upgrades based on this lousy written code… something less expected from a plugin that has some commercial aspect in it

    Hi, folks.
    I am the person responsible for making wp-e-commerce 3.8 fully translatable. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to find all those hardcoded strings, so i would really appreciate your help. If you find hardcoded string, missing context, missing domain, or anything related to 3.8 translation – let me know, either in this forum thread (I’m subscribed, so i won’t miss your messages) or to, which is another forum post created for the same purpose.


    1. wpsc-core/js/tinymce3/window.php:123 has wpsc-category
    2. those lines have default textdomain on them:

    [List moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    and those (repeating line means more occurences)

    [List moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    and another 2


    Perhaps I missed some but there is plenty to fix there

    If you want to really make the plugin multilingual (to be used in conjunction with plugins such as WPML) then the checkout form is a tricky thing to do.

    While if using only the default fields you can do the trick by doing the translation in the .mo file then use this technique such as for line 586 in wpsc-user_log_functions.php where the old code
    echo " <tr><td colspan='2'>" . $form_field['name'] . ":</td></tr>";
    should be changed to
    echo " <tr><td colspan='2'>" . __($form_field['name'],'wpsc') . ":</td></tr>";
    I do not know what you can do for custom made fields. Basically they will be only available in one language at the time so the store cannot be multilingual unless the user knows php coding and add lines by himself somewhere into a plugin files to they get scanned and translated too with plugins such as Codestyling Localization.

    BTW, your 3.8 version is breaking this plugin due to some javascript error. Please check this issue as well.

    also please tell somebody that emails from does not reach all audience – I still cannot receive my account password to access the forum you mentioned above

    Update: I made another account with my gmail address. I got the password for that one.

    rvencu, that’s not the only issue. The plan is to make it localization-ready for 3.8 (means so you could have it in any language) and multilanguage-ready for 3.9

    Hi rvencu,

    I tried adding the code you have above in order for WMPL to translate the checkout form and it does not work. Do you have any other suggestions? Everything in my website translates perfectly except for the shipping contact info form.


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