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    Hello! A few strings in my shop are not translated to German even though both WP and WooCommerce are set to “de_DE” and the translations for these strings do exist in the language file (checked with “Loco Translate” plugin). Disabling all plugins other than WooCommerce as well as changing the theme does not change anything, so the problem is most likely not caused by a plugin or theme. All files are updated to the latest versions.

    The untranslated strings I found so far are:

    Showing all %d results

    Dashboard (tab on the “My Account” page)

    Addresses (tab on the “My Account” page)

    Hello %1$s (not %1$s? Sign out).

    From your account dashboard you can view your recent orders,
    manage your shipping and billing addresses and edit
    your password and account details

    Here are the affected pages:

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley (a11n)


    German is not at 100% so it may still be missing

    All strings are localised however, including the ones you mentioned. So this won’t be a plugin/code issue.

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    I’m not sure how to interpret your statement “this won’t be a plugin/code issue”. As you confirmed, all translations of the affected strings do exist, they are just not displayed. Am I right to assume that the problem must be within the WooCommerce code then?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley (a11n)


    Sorry to be clear, when I said the localisations exist I mean the strings in the plugin are localised, thus this cannot be a problem with the WC code but with your translation files. Whether thats because they are incomplete, in the wrong place, or ignored in favour of the WP ones I cannot say.

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    I solved the problem be re-installing the “WooCommerce Germanized” plugin. Obviously this plugin also installs a new translation file (which is 100 % translated, by the way, unlike the original WC translation). Looks like I had somehow disabled that file, and the problem persisted regardless of whether the Germanized plugin itself was enabled or not. But a complete re-install fixed it.

    I have similar problem but my woocommerce translation (en->de) doesn’t work after newest woocommerce update (from 2.6.14 -> 3.0.7).
    What cause problem? I can see with Loco translate that exist translation but do not load them after update.
    example: __( ‘Your Rating’, ‘woocommerce’ )

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    I found that in order to apply any changes / new translations in Loco Translate, it is necessary to use the Sync function. (Open Loco Translate, select the desired plugin, select the desired language, click on “Sync” button in the Editor). Maybe this could help in your case?

    Hi @laserjones,
    I have your same problem with the italian language.
    Could you explain what did you mean when you said that installing a “germanized” version of woocommerce solved your problem.

    I think I have to do the following steps to obtain the same result but I’m not sure, could you check them for me?

    1_deactivate the current plugin of WC
    2_delete the WC plugin
    3_download the latest version here (
    4_download stable version of the interested language (in my case here: ) and put the .po file on the ..\woocommerce\i18n\languages
    5_upload, install and activate the new “italianized” plugin

    Could you confirm that these are the right steps?

    Obviously all the products, categories and stuff like that will remain, right ? o.O’

    thank you in advance for your time!

    Well, I loaded .po and .mo to the THEME catalog, (lang in my case), worked in a blink of the eye.

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    Hi winstonblue, “WooCommerce Germanized” is a special plugin that adapts WooCommerce to the legal requirements of the German market. It is not relevant for other countries.

    Your steps described above would probably work, but I’m not sure whether your products database would survive a complete uninstall (I never tried that).

    I would first install the LocoTranslate plugin and use it to check whether the Italian translations for WooCommerce are complete (100 %). If not, install the latest language file, but without re-installing WooCommerce.

    If texts are still missing then, you can enter them manually in LocoTranslate, then use the Sync function in LocoTranslate to apply the changes.

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