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    some of the translation strings don’t work. namely, “Event Tags” and “search for events”

    I’ve looked at the dbem-zh_CN.po file and the translations are there (search for events = 搜索活动) But the chinese version doesn’t show up on chinese site. I’ve updated the .mo file also, tried the update from .pot file too

    The output code is:
    <input type=”text” class=”search_input” value=”<?php _e(‘search for events’, ‘dbem’); ?>”

    Is my mistake obvious to someone. I really appreciate any help. I’ve spend some time on this already!

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  • I tried the code, but it doesn’t work. Nothing happens

    The events manager plugin seems to integrate ok with buddypress, but when trying the translations, this particular word is difficult to source and change for other languages. You do know I’m refering to the events tab on the group details page right? Events manager will add a “Events” link next ot the other links like this:

    Home Forum Events 0 Members 2 Member Groups

    Plugin Author Marcus


    the above would rewrite any use of


    if you want to replace sentences, you’d use something like:

    //Rewrite any gettext field
    function my_em_text_rewrites($translation, $orig, $domain) {
    	$translation = str_replace('Event','yourstring',$translation);
    	return $translation;
    add_action ( 'gettext', 'my_em_text_rewrites', 1, 3 );

    thanks, I tried this and it worked.

    some of the translations are a bit more involved. When I view the events personal menu under “my events” link

    My Profile
    Events I’m Attending
    My Events
    My Locations
    My Event Bookings

    How would I translate these? After applying the suggestions above I’ve got:

    活动 I’m Attending
    My 活动

    My 活动
    Add New
    Upcoming (0) | Pending (0) | Past 活动

    So how could I translate for example: 活动 I’m Attending into the full chinese text?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Assuming this is our plugin doing the translating, this might be because of an incomplete chinese translation, you’d need to update the po files.

    Someone submitted an updated zh_CN translation which should be up to date so it’ll be out in the next update, maybe that’ll fix it for you.

    yes, I am using an incomplete chinese translation, but I should still beable to modify the .pot file which i tried without success

    if a new updated and complete translation file is available in Chinese, that would surely make things alot more easier. Currently I’ve had to manage alot of the translations using the above hack with feels very wrong and is definitely a bad working solution. Anyway as long as it gets the job done that would have to suffice for now.

    Importantly; If you have any advice as to my previous post (the one with: So how could I translate for example: 活动 I’m Attending into the full chinese text?), then please let me know otherwise, thanks for your help thus far which I really appreciate

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’ll be releasing a dev update (looking like tomorrow morning now) that’ll have this updated translation, I’m pretty sure that’ll fix the incomplete translation you’re mentioning.

    If not, let us know and we’ll look at it then.

    this is great news! Where can I go to get the dev update? What URL? Is the Chinese translations released as of this message post?

    I’m guessing we’re from different international time zones. My time is Beijing time (GMT+8 hours)

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Yeah, I’m in Spain, CET so good evening 🙂

    I just released a dev version, which you can update to by going to Events > Settings > Admin Tools > Check Dev-Version (then visit your plugins page and refresh a couple time to see the update

    can I update on my test site, then just copy/paste the .op, .mo files to my live version?

    the word “dev” makes me nervous, and everytime I update a critical plugin on the live site, you know my heart pounds faster! ha ha!

    Plugin Author Marcus


    🙂 in this case dev should be fine. We make lots of incremental changes but normally nothing major, and we have our own internal SVN aside from the wp svn so devs available to you are somewhat-tested versions in between stables.

    I’ve just followed your instructions, but I see no option to update to dev version

    I got the message:

    There is a new version of Events Manager available. View version 5.3 details or update now.

    I’m using multisite by the way, events manager plugin is installed on network. I’ve set the enable dev version from the events settings tab on network dashboard

    Plugin Author Marcus


    We updated to 5.3 during that time, so just update to that version.

    I’ve updated to version 5.3 and I’ve checked the chinese translation .po file and it does contain the translations I need. However, the events manager plugin text on my website is still in english. My other plugins are displaying in chinese including buddypress, some custom plugins etc, so it’s just events manager plugin translations that is giving me problems

    I’ve been trying several things including:

    regenerating the .mo file
    making sure the plugin domain is ‘dbem’ in my translations (although I don’t believe I need to change any of this since they are from events manager 5.3 as is the .op, .mo files

    do you know what could be the issue causing this?

    I’ve discovered that the qTranslate plugin I’m using is causing the problem.

    when i visited the url:
    it works, however, when I use the proper url on my subsite:
    the chinese translation don’t work
    works also

    When I disable the qTranslate plugin then the chinese translation works. I find this strange since my other plugins language files work fine qTranslate activated, but events manager language translation seem to get intefered with qTranslate activated. So all along qTranslate was giving me problems in what should be a simple use of .po, .mo translation files!

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