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  • Resolved John


    Everything seems to work fine with language files but can’t get the 4 options with icons (Idea, Question, Problem, Praise) to be translated. I edited the corresponding .po file but can’t get it to work. All other words are correct, but most of them are defined in settings.

    Any ideas?

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  • Plugin Author karevn


    Can you please tell what language are you using? I’ll check it then.

    To fix the problem after installing Usernoise, you’ll need a Pro version (it has built in category editor) or manually modify wp_terms table – it usually is pretty small and does not take long to edit.

    Language is French.
    Thanks for this but I don’t know what you mean by this table – is that part of your plugin or WP?

    OK, found the table with the strings, but what do you suggest here – change the name directly in there…?

    Plugin Author karevn


    That table is a standard WP table, and it is used by Usernoise and others. But it is OK to change those values there.

    OK, thanks will do.
    But it would be much better, if possible, to add those strings in translation .po files.

    Thanks a lot.

    In fact those fields don’t use the wordpress translation mechanism

    In _inc/form.php line 14,

    echo esc_html(__($tag->name, ‘usernoise’))

    Doesn’t seem to work either for me…
    But I leave this up to the author to decide.

    Plugin Author karevn


    Guys, these strings ARE in .po files. There just were a version that did not use it correctly, so you have wrong values already written into the database.

    For my part I need to use WordPress translation mechanism (and not the values in the database) because my site is not only in one language.
    That’s why changing the values in the database is not a solution.

    So I don’t touch value in the table wp_terms and I translate them with __($exp).

    But for a WordPress installation only in one language, my solution may be overkill…

    I have installed only a single version – the latest, about 4 days ago when I posted this message. I found those strings in .po files, translated them but they don’t display. Only those ones, all others work correctly.

    For you it will be easier:

    Go in the database, table wp_terms

    search for slug idea, question, problem, praise and modify the name column to whatever you need

    Right, I already did so and it works. But I just wonder what will happen during the next update.

    I still see untranslated stuff, in the e-mail that’s being send out to users when a feedback is approved.
    While all the other stuff is showing in my language (Dutch), this e-mail text isn’t.

    I noticed the string isn’t in the PO file:
    “Your Feedback %title% has been published by %admin_user%”
    “Thanks for your feedback”
    “You can view it at %link%”

    Where the last link is also wrong by the way, it links to the main website instead of the feedback item.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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