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  • Hello everybody..
    I’m a new man on blogging especially with wordpress.
    I have some problem with the blog that I created with wordpress.

    I use a hosting company and a domain to make my website.
    Before I move my wordpress to the host, I use xampp for make the website. And there’s no problem with that.

    After I uploaded it to the host, I found some strange code embedded in my header in the page blog and in the dashboard admin page. The code look like it comes from SEO all in one Pack plugin because the code repeatedly show the “SEO all in pack” etc. And then I deactivated the SEO plugin but the code now look like this

    e”; } } ?> ?>


    If you want to know what the problem I’m facing. You can visit my blog at and look at the center of the header left from the “share this” plugin icon. It’s a small code but it irritates me.

    Can somebody help me, I only know a little about PHP and HTML coding.

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  • Looking at your source code, the characters appear before the header

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
    <html xmlns="">

    Open header.php of your theme, and see if they are there and you can delete them.

    If not, try deactivating all plugins to see if the code disappears, then activate one by one.

    wow…thanks buddha trance.
    I uninstalled all the plugins and reinstalled it again and the problem solved. The problem lies on the SEO all in pack plugin, when I tried to installed it again, it pop the code again.


    The All in One SEO plugin works usually well. Maybe you have another plugin conflicting with it. Did you try to just activate that one plugin before the other ones, to see what happens?

    Also, you can try to delete the old copy of the SEO plugin, and upload a fresh one.

    Yeah well, I think I need the All in One SEO plugin. So will try your suggestion. Thanks for your help.

    budha trance,

    I tried your suggestion to uninstalled all the plugin and only install the All in One SEO plugin. When I only installed the All in One SEO plugin, the code still popping up.

    So now, I don’t use the All in One SEO plugin because of that matter.

    Oh and yeah, the problem also happen when I installed aLinks plugin. It also pop some strange code in the header.


    right now your site is not showing the weird code, maybe you still have the plugins deactivated.

    Just to test, and to see if there is something conflicting with your current theme, did you try to use the SEO plugin with the Default theme?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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