Some sketchy code in a theme. What does it do? (1 post)

  1. darkhelmet
    Posted 7 years ago #

    It started with "oh I don't like how that looks", so I tweaked my theme a little.

    Then I realized how poorly the theme was laid out in code, so I refactored things to not suck as much.

    Then I found this little chunk of code...

    Found this

    I thought that's kind of odd...

    So I decoded it, as it's not like they did anything fancy, and found this (after I formatted it)


    Now WTF does that do??? It goes off to blogcell.net and checks some stuff out?? I sniffed with wireshark and it does in fact go, but nothing comes back...

    It seems sketchy and I removed it from the theme, with no ill effects on the look of things.

    Ideas? It seems like a cheap hacking attempt. I didn't find much info about blogcell.net, except that it is related to 1 and 1 somehow...

    EDIT: 1and1 is just the front company where the domain came from, but it's private registered.

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