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    Hi again,

    When in the Settings, those settings for email that have boxes allowing me to change the subject (both admin and user) and the content of the email on both do not update.

    In order to change the email subject or content I have to change the default in the files. Is this by design or are those editable boxes just there to frustrate? (joking, kinda)

    If you place those boxes there and allow for changes to be made, why don’t they get saved?

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    Hey there I tested this on multi and single site and both appear to be working here. Is it just blank or is the original content there?

    This thread is marked resolved, but I haven’t even answered your question.
    No matter.

    The hard coded content is what is there, and won’t change when I save.
    When you do an update, obviously the hard coded content is replaced that I had to put in, and the database is changed to the hard coded content contained in the new update.

    Whatever is in the file is what is put into the database, nothing in those boxes is over ridden when the save feature is used.

    To reiterate;

    Everything in the settings that I change in the boxes except for “Admin Email” and “User Email” are saved and they survive updates.

    When I attempt to save the Admin and User email fields, (even after your latest 1.4.6 update), when the settings page refreshes, the content I changed looks like it saved. When I go to a different page and come back, the content in the boxes for “Subject” and “Body” for both Admin Email and User Email is reverted back to the original.

    All the other settings that have been saved, stay as they were saved. It’s only the Admin Email and User Email boxes that don’t save and do not survive updates.

    So, in answer to your question, the original always overrides whatever I attempt to save.


    The save works initially.
    I checked the db right after saving the options. The information is in the db as it was saved.

    I leave the page in admin “Settings” open and go to another browser signing in as a member. I go to the “Add File” process that and the emails that are sent contain the data contained in the cu.php file, not the db.

    I go back to the db and look in the options again and the content has re-saved to the original content in the cu.php file.

    Seperate instance.
    I save the options in “Settings”.
    I go to another admin page.
    I come back to the “Settings” and the content is replaced by the original content contained in the cu.php file.

    I go back to the db and the content in the db has reverted back to the original content in the cu.php file.

    Whenever the script runs, it over writes the db options for the fields of “Admin Email” and “User Email” both the “Subject” and the “Body” nothing else is over ridden by the script in the options table, just those fields.

    Plugin Author smartypants


    Looking into this

    Thank you…
    It seems you have fixed this issue.. Great plugin..

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