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  • Hello,

    I’ve set up word press just fine and installed a theme I’m happy with. I understand categories, pages and posts but what I want is this:

    On my main navigation that runs accross the top of my page (which is made up of categories) I want each of these categories to link to a specific page that I have created. And then, within each page I have links to sub pages of that page.

    I suppose my main question is – how do add a page to a category? And make that page the home page of that category?

    Also – how do I get rid of the ‘Uncategorized’ category? I don’t want it in my navigation.


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  • Pages and posts should not be mixed. Pages don’t have category.

    Rename that category.

    OK – But how do I link to a page from anywhere then?

    I’m a total newbie and and I know my question will have been asked a thousand times before but I kind of need pointing in the right direction. What I’m hoing to set up is a portolio site with a home page with blog type entries and then my main nav consists of – Home, Photography and Web Design. Each of these categories has a home page and then each home page has links to sub pages(posts/whatever).

    So – I can do all this with posts alone?


    Pages or post or whatever.
    This is quite in contrast with your previous statement:
    I understand categories, pages and posts

    No, categories don’t have a home page. They have… category archive pages (also known as category listings). Which, btw, can be customized, just look for the Docs: Category_Templates.

    So – I can do all this with posts alone?
    2 categories – photo &web design
    1 static homepage (set in your own admin panel, after you will really get familiar wit it… Settings > Reading)
    and, eventually, looking closer at those category templates.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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