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  • Hi, folks. I’m new to WordPress, and I’m new to blogging. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I’m going to use mine for, but it’s been fun setting things up nonetheless. 🙂
    A few questions:
    1. How do I get the message count next to each category?
    2. When I add the mod_rewrite info (for adding an archive structure) in my .htaccess file, I get a 500 error…I know that’s not much info, but what should I be checking?
    3. I think I read that a way to include images would be added soon? Any idea how soon?
    and finally…
    4. I’m looking for some ‘anti-Bush’ buttons to choose from (80×15). 🙂 Any thoughts?
    Thanks, everybody.

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  • 2) Check the apache server configuration and the permissions on the .htaccess file. If the resulting .htaccess file is not world readable (664 numeric permissions should be fine) the server will throw a 500 error. If the server is not configured to allow the use of rewrite directives in a .htaccess file, I believe it will throw a 500 error too.
    3) Check the ‘upload with thumbnails’ hack or a fresh CVS version, they have the features to enable easy posting of images.

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