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    Dear member ThemeIsle,

    After testing several rating plugins, I came to the conclusion that WP Product Review Lite is the best plugin out there for rating games/movies/posts. I like it, thanks for the hard work!

    I hope you can help me out with my questions down below. I try to build a new gaming community website, and before I buy the premium version (which I will definitely take in consideration for my free plugins once the site becomes bigger), I like the Lite version to work as it should and hopefully you can also help me adjust the style/design so to match my own website theme.


    1) I would really appreciate it if you could help me out with font type. I use a different font for my website theme, and if it would would make a big difference. Also, the rating categories and the ‘buy button’ are in capital letters and Italic. Can you please let me know what I can adjust so that I can choose myself if it is Bold/Italic/Capital letters or not? This would definitly change the whole look of the review field for the better.

    2) I read through the topics on this forum and read something about being able to change the grading per category. However, I could not find this. I would really appreciate it if I could count Gameplay 2x for example, compared to Graphics 1x for the final grade. Please let me know if I can adjust something in the code, to change the final grade calculation.

    3) I like to use WPdisquz for my comments section. But If I use that 3rd party comment plugin, I’m not able to place reviews. It would be awesome if you can give me advise how to make the two work together. For now, as a temporary solution, I’ve excluded WPdisquz from the pages where I have my reviews. Therefore, you are able to see the user reviews down below the review of Zelda for example:

    [ redundant link removed ]

    –> Please let me know if you know how I can integrate the two together. Or please let me know if you know a better commenting plugin, that works with your user rating section.

    4) Will there be a future update where you can choose per review topic, if the user’s vote will be added to the final grade? Now it is: always or never. Another possibility would be to show two final grades besides each other: author and from the users. I like to have the freedom to decide per post/review what the influence is of the user.

    5) I read on the first page of the topics on the forum, that another user of your plugin has the same question as me: How can you make sure that users can comment on your site as much as they want, but making sure that at the same time, they can only place review ones? For me it is important that the review plugin I use for my site, is able to allow comments on other game topics, only review topics with user rating, should be restricted to 1 rate per user. Hopefully you have a solution.

    6) My widgets on the homepage. For now, what I’ve done with the two widgets (Latest Reviews & Top Rated) I’m happy with. They look clean and nice. Awesome work on the widgets, also thanks for that! However, this is all I can do to make it look ok. For example: in the Top Rated widget I can’t add an extra buy button/review button. When I load my site, it cuts the second button half way off through the middle. Probably the widget is not loading fast enough, even though I did everything I could in settings to not slow the loading down. Also: I can’t use pictures for my Top Rated widget, those will be stuck to the text and it does not look nice. Maybe we can contact each other and you can check for a solution?

    [ redundant link removed ]

    I’m trying to create an environment for gamers that is nothing less than awesome and refreshing. So hopefully you can help me out!

    [ Signature deleted ]

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Contributor Madalin


    Hi @vgvidscom,

    Sorry for the delay.

    Thanks for reaching out. We really take the requests of our people dearly, but we can’t afford to help you with custom code modifications of this scope.
    It’s a little beyond what our support services include.

    You see, when it comes to technical issues of any kind, bugs and etc., we’re here for you, and we will solve them ASAP.

    Thank you for understanding and I hope we’re still cool!

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    Dear Madalin,

    You should really consider making font family and type part of standard options. These are basics things needed to make the plugin match with someone’s theme and style. Anyways, I was able to figure out how to change it from italic to normal myself, although i have limited technical knowledge regarding coding.

    I would still like to know in which folder I can change the font family myself?

    Regarding technical issues:

    If you look on my homepage –> right column: vg Latest Reviews:

    you see that the text is running behind the grade. At least in the mobile version it stops the review title by adding some dots (…) before the grade is shown. At least that looks better already than how it now looks at the desktop version.

    Can you provide css code for that?

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