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    Hi Patrick,

    great that you now have taken over this plugin. I really look forward to seeing the pro version.

    Some remarks:

    • why do you want people to use SMTP, while other Event Manager email methods use sendmail, which is built in? I foresee several users that have difficulties with this.
    • having said that: do you plan to build in a “test settings” feature, in order to test if the settings have been applied correctly? This could trigger a mail that uses either the default settings in the template or just a mail that says something like: “I was sent through the “test your mail settings” button in [websitename]”.
    • although it is nice to stack many different “extra features” in this plugin, I would like to warn for feature creep. In the pro version you anticipate to add things like Track changes and move bookings, but these seem unrelated with this plugin for sending mails.


    Tammo ter Hark

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    Plugin Author Patrick


    Hi Tammo,
    Thank you for the feedback. 🙂

    I decided mainly on SMTP (as it says in the settings page), because of the enhanced security. Sendmail has no security check, so you could enter any email address, even if it’s not yours. SMTP prevents sending emails from fake accounts.

    Of course I have thought about a test feature. But when I first released a new version a few months back, people got confused. A test mail will not process any placeholders as it is not directly linked to a Booking Object (so EM will not know which #_EVENTNAME to process).
    Testing can be done by adding yourself as a participant to a new test event. That way you will really test everything: the connection, lay-out and placeholders.

    The additional features, such as Track Changes and Move Bookings, are related to this plugin, because they will center around sending notifications to the users. Both have been requested on the EM Pro forum.

    I have already a very simple add-on out there that allows you to easily move a booking from one event to another (, but that does not send any emails confirming the move. 😉

    “Track Changes” will kick in when you change Event details, such as date, time and/or location, sending an automated, pre-formatted email to the (confirmed) users. Just like any change in booking status already does that.

    So yes, these features are indeed Email Users related. 😉

    Of course, every additional feature (PDF tickets, Follow-Up emails, etc) can be turned on or off individually in the settings. So upgrading to the Pro version will not mean you will be obligated to use all options. 🙂

    OK, great. I specially like the possibility to add attachments.

    Our use case:
    we organise walks in the country and need to send the maps and documents for directions. Until now this was not possible yet.

    Look forward to using that possibility.


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    Plugin Author Patrick


    You will able to set a default attachment (for all events) or you can manually change/add it per event.

    In the email form on the Event Bookings Table Page a rw will be added to add the attachment. One file per email, so you might want to combine them 😉

    Maybe add some lines about how to test at the settings page…

    And: clicking on one the the three lines on the settings page make the panels open, but very slowly…. 😉 But maybe you intended this, in order to make people more relaxed…


    Plugin Author Patrick


    Sorry but the opening/closing by clicking it’s the exact same as in the EM Settings and there is no explanation for that either. 😉 And you might need to look at your WP configuration, because opening should be instant. There is no delay programmed.

    OK, thanks. It must be something in my installation then. I never saw this before.


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    Plugin Author Patrick


    This is what it should be like: 😉

    That is a lot faster than here. I will look into it.

    Thanks for investigating,


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