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  • I discovered WordPress short ago, and it seems quite interesting.
    Just a few questions, please:
    a) Can a user update its own profile? Name, password,…
    b) Is autentication global? I mean, if I login in a bbPress forum, do I still have to re-login as I change page and edit a page in WordPress?
    c) Is it easy for a beginner like me to customize the site in order to show thing more… plain, mainly text, something similar the look of my personal site (example
    d) Once I write something in WordPress, can I decide where to publish (put it in /abc/xyz/newpage.extension, or am I forced to have all the entries one on top of the other, like a plain blog?
    e) Can I set something like “email me if somebody new registers, or adds a comment, or edits an article”?
    Thank you

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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