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  • Hi @all

    I have some questions to this great plugin.

    Is there any antispam function (like a honeypot, CSS hack,..) for the form [REQ_CRED_FORM] ?
    At the moment some spambots are filling the form 😉

    Then there are two issues on HTML5:
    1. <form action=””…> -> Bad value “” for attribute “action” on element “form”: Must be non-empty.
    It would be nice, to use the URL where the form [REQ_CRED_FORM] is used as “form action” and let change/add/modify it in the backend (in my case i want to use an anchor like here )
    2. <label for=”checkbox_gdpr”> -> The “for” attribute of the “label” element must refer to a non-hidden form control. (is here the value= in the input missing?)

    Is it possible to deactivate the checkbox für the comment form? Maybe with a hook or a “remove_action”?

    Is it possible to add a second button on “Your Privacy Center” so the the user can decide if he just want to anonymize the data or delete? There is only a delete request but the plugin offers in the backend to anonymize.

    Is it possible to change the content (text, font, translations) at the generated site “Your Privacy Center”? Is this a template-file(s) like for the emails?
    And in my case my footer isn’t be displayed correctly.
    You can see this here:

    The next “issue” you can see at this screenshot is, that no data are stored for this request. So i think this person shouldn’t have the button to request a delete because nothing happens and the user could be maybe confused.

    Best regards,

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Kim Vanrijckel


    Hi Harry,

    Thanks for your comment.

    There is no antispan function for this request form at the moment.
    We will add them in the near future ( recaptcha ).

    For the HTML5 issues I have to look this ones up and fix them. Thanks for reporting this! 🙂

    Yes you can disable the comments , in the settings of the wp-gdpr under miscellaneous.
    You find the “Don’t show comments” if you hit the checkbox there will be no more wordpress comments in the privacy center.

    There is no button for users to make there data anonymous.
    This can only be done by the admin.
    If you have a contact form it is strange to make that anonymous. For a comment is this more done.
    The admin can decide to make this anonymous ar not.
    Imagine that one comment the users wants to be delete has 5 replies. That will be weird if the comment is deleted and you see only the replies.
    That’s one example the admin as control over this function.

    Your question to change the text, font and translations.
    Text is not editable. The font is inherited from your theme.
    Translations you can find in the languages folder. German is for only 74% translated. So we need some volunteers work. If your interested you can do a pull request edit the strings that are empty. You can edit the files in poedit.

    I have looked at your footer in the privacy center, it seems fine. Here a screenshot.

    The next “Issue” I will add to our todo list!


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