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    1. What code is used for adding keywords to a post?

    2. Is Technorati the only search engine that takes advantage of such keywords? Does Google, for instance?

    3. Does WP 2.0 allow me to add keywords to my posts or do I need a plugin?

    4. Is there a plugin that will allow me to list all the keywords next to my category list under the title “keywords” (as opposed to “tags”)?

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  • 1. You’d need a plugin

    2. Errr, dunno. Google tends to index all the text, so keywords are probably not relevant

    3. Tags: use Ultimate Tag Warrior.

    4. UTW will output a list of tags easily enough, and you can label the list as anything you like.

    Tags are keywords are tags, more or less. UTW does the job nicely for me, to the extent that I no longer use categories (now that was a fun job, changing over 1,000 posts….)

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Also check out:
    Plugin Name: Jerome's Keywords
    Plugin URI:
    Version: 1.8
    Description: Allows keywords to be associated with each post. These keywords can be used for page meta tags, included in posts for site searching or linked like Technorati tags.
    Author: Jerome Lavigne
    Author URI:

    1. Yeah but I’m interested to know what the actual code is. Is it specific to Technorati, or is it part of strict HTML?

    2. To elaborate, I’m trying to get an idea of how important keywords are. I think they’re a cool idea but I’m not particurlarly interested in using them if they’re just for one site, being Technorati. I’d like to think that they will be utilised more and more as time goes on by many different search engines and other services.

    4. I just don’t like the label “tags”. It’s not a very intuitive description, especially for most of my readers who are not “insiders” of the blog culture. “Keywords” is a much better description I think.

    1. Tags are linked something like this (on my site, anyway):

    <a href="" rel="tag">Tagname</a>

    AFAIK, the rel="tag" is what Technorati will be looking for. There may be more information on their site.

    2. I wouldn’t think so much about search engines as your site. Are keywords/tags a more useful way of handling posts than categories? Do they fit in with what you want to achieve?

    4. It’s a label. Doesn’t matter what you call them, really. “Tag” is just a bit trendy now thanks to things like Flickr.

    2. True enough, although they seem far more useful. They’re like meta name="keywords" but for specific articles rather than whole web pages.

    4. Well of course it’s important. There’s no point in calling them tomatoes, is there? It matters because I want my readers to able to use my website without having to have a blogosphere pilot’s licence.

    Thanks for your help. notes that “tags” are essentially a proprietary version of the HTML meta tag. So, yes, I think what I’m more interested in is a meta plugin rather than a tag plugin.

    As you point out tags are useful with regard to searching through your own site more than anything.

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