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  • Hello, I use the plugin on one of my site and I like it. I have some questions :

    – how long is the timeout and how to custom it eventually
    – why keep the spams as the way your extension works, they cannot be false positive ?

    Thanks for sharing your work.

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  • Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    Hi Li-An,

    The timeout is 3 seconds now. What is the reason you want it changed? I can imagine it can be shorter, going on my own experience.
    This plugin is all quite new, so I need to experience things myself as well 🙂
    The timeout is just to catch spambots, so even 1 second would be fine.
    I am open to feedback.

    Hmm, yes, why keep them. I am a bit hesitant to throw data away, especially as it is not my own data but from the plugin users.
    Maybe there could be a filter where comments are not thrown out after 3 months, but on a shorter timeframe, or even directly.
    Or maybe there should be an option to refuse spam comments, like on CF7. How do you feel about this?

    Thanks for being interested. These filters came to be in the Gwolle Guestbook plugin, when battling with spam. I needed a replacement for Akismet on a website, and this seemed like a good path forward.

    Thanks for quick answer.

    The timeout : some plugins gives the ability to change it so I was curious.

    All plugins I know acting like yours (working on spammers behavior) delete immediately (or refuse ?) the spams. So I was curious about your choice. I cannot imagine false positives with your plugin and I prefer not to manage the spams. Is there a message if javascript is not activated ?

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    Hmm, it really is just to catch spambots that don’t run javascript. Even if the timeout is 1 second, it should work the same.
    I think I will change this.

    Ah, refusing spams immediately. Still not sure I want to do that. In the case of a JavaScript error, the spamfilters don’t work. I expect that false positives will be there. I should test this.
    I can imagine adding an option, but maybe it should be default enabled. I will think about this.

    Yes, there is a message if JavaScript is disabled.

    I see you made a review of the plugin on your website. Thank you for that.

    I forgot to tell you about the review. I made it because on french WP relative forum, a lot of people meet problem with CF7 + ReCaptcha 3 and your plugin is a good solution.

    Maybe you could add an option to prevent spam from Honeypot and Timeout. In these case, it’s 100% spam I guess.

    If I find some time, I will translate the plugin in french.

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    I can understand. I don’t like reCAPTCHA much and would not want to use it myself. And I didn’t finf any good spamfilters for CF7.
    Were there other plugins like this one that you liked?

    Yes, that might be good. I am leaning a bit in the direction of just refusing spam comments without an option available. It is that way with CF7 as well, and the other forms. And people using this plugin would expect it probably.
    Thank you for thinking along, it helps.

    If you do want to become PTE for this plugin in French, let me know. I will put up a request.

    If you want, I can be PTE (I am for some other plugins). But I will have to do the translation quickly 🙂

    I use Anti-spam, Antispam Bee (spam deletion politics is very good) and Contact Form 7 Honeypot.

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    The request is up:

    Hello, for the plugin La…

    Thanks, and have a good week.

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