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    Hi! congrats for the template, it’s awesome!

    I’ve been searching some of my problems on this forum, but I haven’t solved all of them.

    1st: I have change the theme colour, but when I’m on a page the list of top menu background color is pink (the hover I have the correct colour, but i don’t know how to change the current page colour)

    2nd: There’s a line separating the description and the two lines (highlight strip) in pink colour and I want to change it to white

    3rd: I’ve seen that is possible to delete some parts of the home like thumbnails and titles… what i want to delete is the “Spasalon Our product rang” and the images and text below. Also I want to change the colour and font-family of description below the .spa_tag span


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  • Hi,
    Can you please share your URL. ?



    This theme doesn’t offer options to change the colors. At least in the free version. You could check what their pro option offers.

    Your 1st and 2nd need to change code in the stylesheets of the theme.

    The 3rd, you can delete the content from the options page the theme has. But it will just display nothing in the front-end and you’ll keep the brown/beige stripe. If you want to remove everything because you know you’ll never use those features, you have to edit the “front-page.php” file of your theme. Remove this code:

    <!-- Products & Tagline with Description -->
    <div class="container-fluid">
    	<div class="container">
    	<div class="jumbotron">
            <h1 class="home_product_tagline"><?php echo $current_options['product_title']; ?></h1>
            <p><?php echo $current_options['product_contents']; ?></p>
    	<?php get_template_part('index','product'); ?>

    I can’t tell you the link of the page ’cause I’m working on a localsite and I can’t attach photos of it.

    Thanks Julien, I’ve removed the line of products, but in the other answers could you be more specific? in the style.css there’s a lot of lines and it’s difficult to find something that I even know the name.

    For 2nd: look at this code in the stylesheets. The file you’re lookink for is in the ‘css/skins/ folder. At line 43 of the default.css file change this code:

    .pink-container p {
        border-left: 1px solid #F05D7D; // Change the color of the border
        color: #FCCED7; // Change the color of the text

    I’m not sure what you refer to in your 1st issue but I guess it is also in this file.

    Perfect man! thanks a lot.

    What I mean with the first one is that when I open any page, on the top menu, the current page where I am have a background color different as if I put the mouse over it. The mouse over color is correct .navbar-inverse .nav > li > a:hover {background-color:#e35ede !important;} but the background color of the current page on the top menu it’s still original pink color.
    I hope I have explained myself better

    Ok here is the solution I guess. Copy the following code in the defaults.css file you’ve just edit:

    .navbar-inverse .nav li.current_page_item {
        background-color: #0000ff; // Change the color according your taste
        color: #fff; // Change color here too for the text

    Write this code at the end of the file and it should work.

    Hi Albertcla

    Your theme layout issue fixed by using theme option custom css box.

    Add the given css code in custom css box.

    1st. Change the top menu background color.

    .navbar-inverse .nav li.current_page_item {
        background-color: YOUR MENU BACKGROUND COLOR;
        color: YOUR MENU TEXT COLOR ;

    2nd. Change the pink header color with you want to.

    .slidesDescription { background :YOUR PINK STRIP BACKGROUND COLOR }

    It will resolved your issue.

    Perfect Julien, you understood me and now it’s working fine!

    What wasn’t correct was the 2nd problem, I think that the code is correct but it isn’t well placed.


    .pink-container p {
        border-left: 1px solid #F05D7D; // Change the color of the border
        color: #FCCED7; // Change the color of the text

    I’m glad it helps you.

    It is may be the “//” comment I wrote. To put comments in a css file we have to use:

    /* This is my comment */

    Maybe that’s why it seems to not working well.

    If the issues are fixed, don’t forget to set this topic as “resolved”.

    Thanks 😉

    I deleted the comment, I put this way:
    .pink-container p{ border-left: 1px solid #FFF;color: #FFF;}

    well, I will make some tests to see if I find the problem.

    Thanks for you time!!

    Yes is working, but it doesn’t affect to the home page!

    Finally found on:

    .slidesDescription p {border-left: 1px solid #FFF;}

    Do you know how to remove the underline of the top menu?
    I have been making changes to code with text-decoration:none; and anything happened

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