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  • Hi everyone, I have 2 problem here.

    1. Can I add the number of text widget? It is currently limited to 9 text widget. I hope I can use more as it is not really enough.

    2. How do I make so that visitors who enter will automatically turn to ? I wish to force the ‘www’ prefix to come out.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • BUMP~

    I’ve solve the ‘www’ problem. The problem I have now is how to increase the number of my text widget. ALso, I’ve upgrade my blog to 2.0.4, by deleting all the php file and upload the new one. Then I run the upgrade file, and it’s all smooth. But in the admin panel, I still see that I’m using 2.0.3. May I know what is it all about? This is my first time upgrading wordpress.

    Sorry..didn’t read the reply before this one.. damn I’m getting rusty sigh.. I’m not sure about the widgets just yet.. never really messed with it too much.. sigh.


    Are you sure u ran the upgrade.php script right

    and did those steps.. Cause viewing your blog’s source.. it’s still showing that you have 2.0.3

    spencerp says:
    how do I actually upgrade? says:
    what files should I replace?
    Twisted – Thinking of my sweetheart Linzey.. 24-7.. says:
    wp-admin folder… wp-includes folder…the root files… except for : wp-config-sample.php and wp-config.php … and special plugin files in the root and within folders says:
    Oh says:
    I didn’t replac the wp-admin and wp-includes

    Hehe.. Just letting folks is helping via Live Mess too.. =p


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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