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    Can anyone explain the reason why on some posts Facebook is not pulling the featured image at all? it will show the fallback image or any other images on the posts but on some posts for some reason it not pulling the featured image while on other posts it shows the featured image

    does it have anything to do with inserting the text first and then adding a featured image before publishing the post? because I don’t see anything else that I could’ve done differently from post to post

    on Google Plus works fine, it shows all the featured images

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  • Plugin Author Chuck Reynolds


    how can I help you w/o knowing what domain to look at?
    did you use the facebook debugger?
    do you have another plugin adding og: tags that may be interfering?

    the debugger says: Small og:image: All the images referenced by og:image should be at least 200px in both dimensions. Please check all the images with tag og:image in the given url and ensure that it meets the recommended specification.

    ok, I understand that… however other posts with a smaller featured image it works fine… so I don’t understand why some posts are ok, others don’t


    Plugin Author Chuck Reynolds


    OK. Look first at the debugger.
    In the “Raw Open Graph Document Information” it’s showing there are two lines for each fb:app_id and fb:admins. You have something else adding in those extra lines. My plugin is working fine but some other plugin or theme setting is adding that info in.

    The image warning is valid as your height and width are both at some point below the 200px minimum width on all three. Just replace those with bigger images and FB won’t throw that warning.
    That said… FB will still display those images just throw a warning about them not meeting requirements.

    Yes, I have the plugin FB comments
    But how is so that some posts the featured image is smaller than 200px and yet pulls this feature image on FB while some other posts like the one above doesn’t ? It should the same rule for every post
    And on google plus all posts are displaying the featured image

    Plugin Author Chuck Reynolds


    not sure I understand that totally but…
    G+ only pulls one image out of the array if you have multiple. FB usually pulls the last one first and G+ seems sometimes to only recognize the first.

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